Company to develop free housing plans for Lahaina residents who lost their homes due to fire | News, sports, jobs

Company to develop free housing plans for Lahaina residents who lost their homes due to fire |  News, sports, jobs

The team at Kasprzycki Designs Inc. Develop a plan to help Lahaina families who have lost their homes.

LAHAINA – The August 8, 2023 Lahaina Fire is a massive tragedy that has devastated our community and affected countless families. This disaster has claimed many lives, destroyed historic properties, and exposed weaknesses in our infrastructure.

During these painful times, we have seen people step up, take action and provide help where it is needed. It was amazing to witness.

Atom Kasprzycki was born and raised in Hawaii and grew up in Lahaina. He owns an architecture firm in Lahaina with his wife, Jennifer Kasprzycki.

The couple, along with their team at Kasprzycki Designs Inc., have been in discussions since the fire to develop a plan to help Lahaina families who lost their homes.

In 2018, after the Kawaula Valley Fire, the Kasprzycki Designs team had the opportunity to help some of Atom’s Lahainaluna High School classmates and their families rebuild their homes by providing them with building plans at no cost.

Today, in the wake of the 2023 Lahaina Fire, the company intends to once again provide assistance on a much larger scale.

“We want to provide our community with exceptional designs that are affordable and efficient in construction, meet the needs of individual families, and collectively reflect the original charm and character of ancient Lahaina. With more than 2,000 buildings destroyed, this will be a massive project, even with all the architecture firms on Maui involved.” The company noted in a press release on Tuesday.

“Our team has found a way to help at scale without compromising quality.”

How it works

Kasprzycki Designs asks anyone interested to provide their contact information, information about their property, and a simple written program to rebuild it. Drawing on local knowledge and over 20 years of experience in architecture, the team believes that many people will naturally fit into the groups based on their programmes.

“We will carefully review the information we receive and carefully create client groups based on similarities, including lot size and shape, dwelling size, one or two stories, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and other architectural features. We will then work with our client groups to develop a design that meets the program requirements.” Customer group. We will share our design iterations with the customer group and update the design based on popular group feedback. Once the group approves the design, we will finalize the plans for individuals within that group. The company explained.

“There will be an opportunity for each member of the client group to customize their home during the plan completion phase. We intend to provide exterior finishing options that will allow the individual to choose the overall design style of their home which will be driven by roof finish options, exterior wall finish options, door and window style options, and detailing. Others specific to the design style. We also intend to provide mirrored plan options.

“Our state and county government, along with the county council, are working to move forward. We believe this may also include special support for permits in the disaster area. Once the plans are complete, and once we know the best path forward for permits, we will help individuals obtain permits to rebuild their homes.

“For those who feel that this community project may not be a good fit for them due to special requirements or needs, please contact us to find out about custom designs and how we can help you. We feel that the Ho’ōla Lahaina project is a way to help the most people in the most effective way.”

To reach Kasprzycki Designs Inc., call (808) 667-6116. For more information about the company and team, visit

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