Choice One Engineering Scholarship is awarded

Choice One Engineering Scholarship is awarded

SYDNEY – Choice One Engineering, a civil engineering, surveying and landscape architecture firm, has awarded the 2023 Tom Coverstone Memorial Scholarship for an undergraduate student in civil engineering or surveying to Aaron Huecker of Troy.

To commemorate professional surveyor and Sydney native Tom Coverstone and his legacy at Choice One, the company is offering a $5000 scholarship and a one-semester co-op/internship opportunity to an undergraduate student who demonstrates the qualities expressed by Coverstone. The scholarship was established in 2020 following Coverstone’s death in late 2019.

Hooker, a fourth-year University of Cincinnati student studying civil engineering, expressed his admiration for the legacy Coverstone has created. As part of his scholarship application, Hooker linked his belief in facing adversity with a positive attitude and a smile, the importance of taking time to educate others, and his priority of finding joy in life; All of these qualities were characteristics of Coverstone.

Choice One was founded in 1994, and Coverstone was the original founder and driving force of Choice One’s early and continued success. Coverstone was always willing to share his time and talent with the Choice One team, was willing to teach others and pass on his knowledge and experience, and was eager to support those around him, from co-workers to customers. An avid auto racing fan, Coverstone spent his time in and out of the office appreciating the joys of life including friends, family and experiences. Coverstone has had a strong, positive influence on his peers and has greatly enhanced the positive company culture at Choice One. In fact, Coverstone was known inside and outside of Choice One for his big smile and positive attitude in any situation. From day one, Coverstone has put others first.

Choice One President Matt Hoying commented on the grant and how the company hopes to inspire civil engineers and surveyors with the qualities offered by Coverstone. “If it were not for Tom, Choice One would not exist as it does today. We hope to continue the great legacy we helped in the beginning by finding more outstanding engineers and surveyors who are passionate about strengthening the profession and their community. We believe that Aaron will be a great fit for Choice One and that many One of the qualities that Tom embodies.

Fremont’s Daniel Voss, the first recipient of the Tom Coverstone Memorial Scholarship in 2020, has since joined Choice One as a full-time employee, while 2022 scholarship recipient Tyler Pike, a Greenville native, will join Choice One full-time in May 2024. “Not only are we able to help young engineers and surveyors grow through this opportunity,” Hoenig continued, “but we hope to be able to give them a potential place to start and develop their careers as well.”

Candidate requirements for eligibility include: Must be enrolled at a two- or four-year university/college in the field of surveying, geography, or civil engineering; Must be entering the second, third, fourth, or fifth year of university studies; Must be willing to commit to a co-op/internship at Choice One Engineering for one semester.

Scholarship applications will be accepted again in 2024 for the award. More information can be found at

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