Business Immo and Ante Prima publish their second book on city creation

Business Immo and Ante Prima publish their second book on city creation

Cover of the book “The Architect, the Role of Public and Private Developers in the Making of the City”, AAM Edition – Ante Prima
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Two years after the book was published Architectural developer, recent historywhich traces the evolution of architectural commissioning in France from 1977 to the present day and the shift from public to private commissioning, Ante Prima Consultants, in partnership with Business Immo, has just completed its second volume, The developer architect, the role of public and private developers in building the cityWhich was released in bookstores today.

This new work, written by Sandra Romy, Jean-François Bussy, and Jean-Philippe Hugueron, presents the multiplicity of stakeholders, as well as the role and responsibilities of both the “mayors” and the public and private development companies who are their spearheads. City-making actors take different forms, serve the regions and their elected representatives, and bear increasing responsibilities.

In this new context, the roles of key stakeholders are disrupted. Developers, in addition to their traditional responsibilities, carry out real estate operations. Promoters organize themselves to become developers. In confronting these challenges, architects reconcile their own practices with those of the urban planner, programmer, conciliator, and expert in environmental change and carbon neutrality; They are often the primary references on matters of history and culture.

Of the nearly twenty projects underway or recently delivered across France, the cities of Paris, Rennes, Bordeaux, Annemasse-Genève, Nantes, Clermont-Ferrand, Montigny-Metz and Marseille come to the fore. What are the challenges facing the future of the regions and ensuring architectural quality, in light of the Copernican redistribution of roles?


A graduate of History and Journalism with over 25 years of experience, Sandra Al Roumi has served as Editor-in-Chief of all Business Immo’s web, print and video platforms. She was then appointed Vice President and Director of Business Immo Publications in 2018. She is currently Managing Director of CoStar Group in France (read our article). As part of this new work, Sandra Al-Roumi spoke with private developers and elected officials.

Critic, journalist and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Technologies and Architecture until 2008, Jean-François Bussy is also a scientific advisor and co-curator of exhibitions. He interviewed architects Benoît Billy from the agency Devillers & Associés for the Étoile process in Annemasse, Alexandre Chemetov for Îlot Bergeron in Nantes, François Leclerc and Alfonso Femia as part of the LaVallée process in Châtenay-Malabry, Dietmar Feichtinger for Celp 360 in Lyon, Denis Valaud (architects Valaud and Pester) for Issy Coeur de Ville and François Kern for the Fabrique operation in Marseille.

Journalist Jean-Philippe Hugueron, graduate of Architectural History, was awarded the 2020 Académie d’Architecture Publications Medal for his publications, in particular Courier Architect, a weekly online magazine he founded in 2010 and ran until 2020. In this book, he spoke with public planners and architects on the Paris Sud Aménagement, Territoires Rennes and Rennes Métropole projects, as well as the Bordeaux Euratlantique. He also interviewed architects: Xavier Bohl for the Seine Parisii operation in Cormeilles-en-Parisis, Nicola Michelin for the Ilo23 restructuring in Clermont-Ferrand, Anthony Béchu as part of the Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie and the wines of Dijon and Jean. – Michel Wilmot for the retransformation of the Lisé district in Montaigne-les-Metz, Dominique Perrault for the Citizen Hospitality operation in Paris, Michel Guthmann for the creation of the international city of gastronomy Paris Rungis, as well as Antoine Viger-Kohler regarding the lush island in Paris.

“The Architect, The Role of Public and Private Developers in City Building”, AAM Edition – Ante Prima, 392 pages, €35, available from today on Fnac and Amazon.

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