Bosch plans to reorganize its building technologies division, focusing on integrated businesses

Bosch plans to reorganize its building technologies division, focusing on integrated businesses

Bosch is making some big moves in the business and commercial space by reorganizing its building technologies division. The goal, Bosch said, is to focus more on its integration business. To do this, Bosch plans to sell most of its building technologies division’s product businesses. This includes the Video, Access, Intrusion and Communications business units.

This reorganization is expected to affect approximately 4,300 employees across Bosch’s 90 locations worldwide.

The decision comes after Bosch Building Technologies announced its plans to acquire systems integrator Paladin Technologies in July, a rare merger in the security industry between an integrator and a manufacturer.

As for the fate of the business units, Bosch is “looking for a buyer to take over all three business units along with its partners and their locations,” the company’s announcement said.

It should be noted that Bosch does not plan to sell its fire alarm business, and instead plans to combine that with its integration business “due to its importance to systems integration.”

“We want to become one of the global leaders in system integration in building technology and seize the favorable growth opportunities in this market,” Christian Fischer, Vice Chairman of the Board of Management of Bosch, says in the company announcement.

“To achieve this, we need consolidation. That is why in the future we will focus on systems integration as our core business. We are confident that we will be able to find a buyer who will take over the management of the three business units and will strengthen the business and give it a secure future.”

Following the reorganization, Bosch Building Technologies plans to employ 7,600 people while consolidating operations at 40 sites in eight countries. According to Bosch, the division intends to benefit from increased digitalization as well as increased demand for building technology solutions related to security, energy efficiency and building automation.

Meanwhile, Thomas Quandt, president of Bosch Building Technologies, was quoted as saying that the products business is “excellently positioned for a promising future” for those who want to take the reins in this area of ​​the business.

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