Best Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets for Indoor and Outdoor Art Projects –

Best Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets for Indoor and Outdoor Art Projects –

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Want to create your own stickers for your office, car or brand? Self-adhesive vinyl sheets are ideal for creating signs, logos, indoor and outdoor advertising graphics, and wall and window decor. Self-adhesive vinyl can be cut into a variety of shapes and can be stuck to most flat and curved surfaces including plastic, metal, glass, painted wood, aluminum and some painted concrete or plaster walls. Permanent vinyl is well suited for use on surfaces that are exposed to a lot of washing or weathering, but it may damage surfaces if you try to remove it. Removable vinyl is best for interior wall stickers and other temporary applications. Browse our selection below to find the best self-adhesive vinyl sheets for your project.

1. Vinyl is easy to remove

Vinyl Ease makes 48 versatile packs of 12 x 12 inch colored papers. Self-adhesive matte vinyl sheets come in 20 different colors, with additional sheets in black and white. Note that these are not printable, and are designed for use with any craft cutter, perforator or vinyl sign cutter. Unless you leave the vinyl in the same place for a very long time, it will be removable and reusable for many uses.

Easy to remove vinyl


2. Oracal Permanent Vinyl Collection

For a durable sticker that can withstand the storm, many choose Oracal 651 vinyl. The sheets are backed with a clear adhesive that forms a strong, permanent bond. This starter pack includes the Oracal color series, providing one sheet in each of 61 different colors including metallic (although if a color is out of stock, a repeat of the popular color may be included). When applied correctly, vinyl remains vibrant and stable for at least 4 years.

Oracal Permanent Vinyl Kit for Beginners


3. Siser EasyPSV Glossy Vinyl

Siser’s EasyPSV Gloss Vinyl gives you a festive sparkle of shine without the pain of cleaning up. These strange figures are manufactured through casting, resulting in a remarkably thin and flexible sheet. Use them indoors or outdoors – wherever you need permanent, shiny stickers.

Siser EasyPSV Glossy Vinyl


4. Oracal 651 permanent vinyl, matte black

When you know what color you need, purchasing a roll of Oracal 651 is an excellent and economical option. The high-quality permanent vinyl, here available in matte black perfect for standard lettering, will stay put and retain its vibrancy year after year, both indoors and outdoors. The roll is 1 foot long and 5 feet long, a useful size for making signs.

Oracal 651 permanent vinyl, matte black


5. StyleTech Repositionable Vinyl, Matte White

For those who want a customizable matte white vinyl that’s also suitable for walls and other surfaces, use StyleTechs’ generous 12″ x 15″ roll. This adhesive vinyl is removable from most surfaces, making it well-suited for temporary home decor, art projects and signage, and is compatible with most craft cutters. Although it is water resistant, it is not recommended for long-term outdoor use or for dishes.

Style Tech Repositionable Vinyl, Matte White


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