Belle Époque Parisian apartment in the Invalides district

Belle Époque Parisian apartment in the Invalides district

A Parisian apartment with theatrical notes

« I wanted something very theatrical and very lively for this apartment, from the moment you walk in, something that makes an impact. So I chose bright brown velvet on the walls, created an arch to define the space, and added a niche with a marble saddle and a stained glass window to blur the view of the courtyard, all tied into a majestic canvas. Tobia Scarpa ceiling light. Likewise, for the small glass corridor that provides the transition to the bedrooms, I tried to make it more atypical, with rustling curtains in the spirit of Venice. “, explains immediately the architect Marine Bonnefoy, responsible for the renovation of this 360 square meter family home.

In the entrance the walls are covered in velvet (Pierre Frey). On a custom marble stand, vase Medici Ceramics by Bella Hunt & DDC at Southway Studio. Tobia Scarpa ceiling light.

© Photo: François Cockerel; Director: Sarah de Beaumont

A decor more in keeping with the eccentric personality of its owner, who initially settled in by just taking out her furniture, without really thinking about the decor. The decor also mixes cultures, as the latter holds English nationality, but lived in Kuwait and also lived in Italy. ” You choose what furniture you want and what you don’t take we sell “, she said from the beginning. In other words, leave carte blanche to the architect. In the end, 99% of the furniture, with the exception of a few antique pieces and antique furnishings, was not preserved in order to reveal new pieces in auction houses or on online auction sites Internet.

And in the music room there are ceramic works self By artist Daphne Corrigan.

© Photo: François Cockerel; Director: Sarah de Beaumont

It dates back to the sixteenth centuryH And 17H Centuries-old, various furnishings punctuate the apartment with historical touches. If the architect was initially a bit skeptical about the idea of ​​reusing it, she ended up combining it with more contemporary pieces, like this sculpture by Daphne Corrigan titled Le Souffle, which takes on its full meaning in the music room, or this waxwork by Juliet Minchin that decorates One of the living room walls.

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Known for organizing receptions that welcome all of Paris – she organized especially in her home the opening of the exhibition dedicated to Frank Horvat’s Jeu de Paume – the owner wanted an unrestricted and versatile place to receive and live with her family, and where we could move easily.

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