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Christy Kennemer is the ultimate multitasker. She’s a shopkeeper, buyer, artist, interior decorator and textile designer – and don’t forget your mom.

Her Lovers Lane store was named after her eldest daughter, Scarlett Reagan. It’s light, bright and vibrant – just like Kennemer itself. “It’s fun, it’s extreme. I want people to come here when they want to be inspired.”

What they will find is an eclectic mix of contemporary art, furniture, decorative items, jewelry and gifts in Kennemer. “I buy things that make me happy,” she said, pointing to an orange and white kimono. “These are perfect for Dallas in the summer. You go to a restaurant and it’s freezing.”

It’s a simple buying philosophy: “Anything that makes my life better that I can give to others, I will.”

Kinemer calls art the “centre” of everything she does – abstract oils are large-scale, and the majority are custom. “It’s a process I’ve been doing for over 20 years. I really get to know the person who commissioned the piece. When I paint the layers, I think of their lives and their trajectory.

The self-taught artist started painting in college. She was energetic and inventive by nature, and a bout of the flu inspired her to paint on an old canvas she got from a friend’s attic. Turns out it was pretty good.

“I knew right away I had to know this thing. I started by buying textbooks on artistic techniques and color mixing,” Kennemer said.

Winning the award for Best Presentation in an art competition was not only a surprise, but a confirmation of its validity. However, she kept her job in advertising, where she learned how to run a business.

Kennemer also continued to paint. a lot.

It is enough to open the original Scarlet Reagan, a small area in Lakewood. “I started this shop with nothing, just artwork on the walls,” she said.

Her entry into interiors had an equally auspicious start. “When I first started, I wasn’t doing interior design. But a VIP client kept asking me to come home.”

I finally agreed. One job led to another. and another.

Scarlett Reagan was ready for more space. After a year and a half of searching – and five failed decades – Kennemer moved to the store’s current location. “The natural light and high ceilings are perfect. Waiting for the right spot was a blessing in disguise.”

Not resting on her laurels, this charismatic artist/designer plans to grow her line of custom wallpapers inspired by art. “Developing a line where I can produce textiles, bring in nails of fabric, sample them and really market them, is my dream.”

we asked. Kennemer replied.

Description of your beauty: “Happy, edgy, a little wild.”

How do you balance work and family? “I put it away from dinner until bedtime. But I find time for work that other people can’t see.”

What inspires you? “Everything. And when I know the story behind something, I feel so happy.” Case in point: a small French restaurant with old white tiles. “They used gold to fill in the cracks. I loved the way it looked.”

Guilty Pleasure: Pool parties.

Best advice I’ve ever received: “Listen to your gut.” And he gave: “The tables always turn. I just believe you have to be good to people, no matter what their circumstances. And if you imagine that one day things are going to turn, and that one day maybe you will need their help, you will be better for them.

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