BCA designs tire shredder for productivity

BCA designs tire shredder for productivity

Milwaukee-based BCA Industries says it designed the PD1000 IO

“The challenge is that portable shredder systems are not designed to take advantage of one of the most labor-efficient types of containers in the recycling industry: open-floor semitrailers, which simplify loading and unloading,” the company says.

“Traditional portable shredders cannot reach the height of an open-floor semi-trailer, which is the standard in the recycling industry,” says John Nuyens, industrial consultant at BCA Industries.

“When loading scrap containers, typical portable shredders can only be about 9 feet high at best, while the ubiquitous semi-trailers can be up to 13 feet high,” Noyens adds. “As a result, tire recycling operations have been limited to using trailers or dumpsters with these types of systems.”

Neuens and BCA describe the company’s PD1000 IO The portable shredder system reduces production downtime and maintenance costs by using readily available off-the-shelf parts and quick-replacement cutting heads, according to Newens.

“Now, recyclers can quickly shred tires and reach the heights needed to load open-floor semi-trailers without moving any of the shredding equipment,” says Noyens.

He says the latest BCA, low-speed, high-torque dual-axis shearing system can shred car and light truck tires at a volume of 4 to 5 tons per hour. Operators can also tear off semi-trailer truck treads after removing the sidewall, according to the BCA.

The PD1000 IO

The conveyor feeds the frames into the shredder’s 36″ x 28″ cutting chamber, where four 2″ x 14.625″ hook knives cut the material to the desired size. The larger foldable section deposits shredded materials into the open top of the walking floor trailer.

The company says the PD1000 IO BCA says the power unit is a completely self-contained diesel/hydraulic system that does not require additional electrical connections or a concrete slab for use.

In addition to processing scrap tires, BCA says operators can also use the PD1000 IO

BCA says that while with some high-torque shredders, “repair costs and downtime can be excessive, especially when waiting for an outside supplier to refurbish or rebuild the cutting head. For this reason, some tire recyclers retain a A full-time mill or mechanic is on staff.

To help reduce downtime and maintenance costs, BCA says its PD1000 shredder “does away with the typical complex gearbox and instead uses a heavy-duty dual chain drive.” BCA adds that the inexpensive “off-the-shelf” American hydraulic system uses readily available dual motors.

When needed, maintenance personnel can quickly and inexpensively replace every part of the PD1000 cutting head, the company says, and they can remove the modular chipper head from the system and reinstall it in less than one hour, or keep it safely at ground level.

BCA says it also offers a shredder head service program that can reduce downtime. Using this program, a forklift can remove the head so it can then be shipped to the manufacturer and returned within 7 to 14 days if an additional set of knives are purchased. “The service program eliminates the need to have highly skilled technicians on staff to maintain the chipper, reducing labor costs, and the rebuild comes with a factory warranty,” says BCA Industries.

“The PD1000 IO

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