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Dina Ben Ibrahim

AIGA, the professional association for design, recently announced its 365 winners: AIGA Year in Design, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design from the College of Art, Dina Ben Brahim was among the winners winning the Social Design category with her Nice project.

The AIGA competition celebrates designers, design teams and their clients for working effectively together to design creative solutions to challenges presented by companies and organizations during the 2022 calendar year.

the Nice project Design and public spaces are used to normalize inclusive conversations about menstruation and increase access to menstrual products in the Northwest Arkansas community and beyond in the most dignified way.

Ben Ibrahim, in collaboration with Hello Departures, students and faculty at the College of Art, and the Fayetteville Public Library, has reimagined the old coin-operated, cold and unintuitive dispenser for a more comprehensive and accessible dispenser.

An esteemed jury reviewed 609 entries from more than 16 countries and selected 52 entries representing excellence in design. One juror described the design Nice project As a display that inspires trust, transparency, and meaningful service while building awareness.

“the Nice project “It is a wonderful example of contemporary design practice, in bringing together a social issue with bold and engaging design and construction,” said Tom Hapgood, interim Graphic Design Program Director for the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. With an interest in designing something new and unique, the experience of the person who would handle the distributor and the new, hopeful outcome was the priority, with an upbeat, contemporary treatment and colours. This is a great example of how many designers see the role of design today.”

Nice project Distributors are currently housed at the Fayetteville Public Library and The Medium located in Springdale. In addition, Benbrahim and his collaborators have created a dossier Nice kit With brand assets and guidelines for communities to order and create their own assets Nice project.

“It is an honor to receive such a prestigious award, and it has been an even more rewarding experience leading this interdisciplinary project, collaborating with change-makers, seeing the transformative impact it has had on students and observing the difference it continues to make in the local community,” Bin Ibrahim told a menstruating woman.

This project has introduced more than a year of period products, including Nice kitsand sustainable menstrual cups and long-lasting underwear in universal sizes plus organic tampons, liners, and pads that are free of dioxins, pesticides, and toxins.

To learn more about Nice project and Ben Ibrahim’s works, visit

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