AMO: Naval engineer, and the real leader of the marine project

AMO: Naval engineer, and the real leader of the marine project

With more than 35 years of experience in designing professional vessels from sectors such as fishing, pleasure craft and buoyancy, COPREXMA’s marine design and architecture office is in high demand to help shipowners and shipyards define and monitor their projects.

Through Assistance in Project Management (AMO), COPREXMA offers its clients advisory service and decision-making support, as well as technical, legal, administrative and financial support. If the AMO mission has many advantages for shipowners and shipyards, it is also a key factor in the project’s success.

AMO is a critical element in the success of an offshore project

A shipbuilding project can be long and complex, as there are many technical elements to take into consideration. AMO allows shipowners to delegate construction control and the ability to continue their activity with complete peace of mind, without having to worry about administrative, legal or financial issues that may arise during the completion of their project. The Project Management Assistant validates payment switches and construction deadlines and offers technical solutions adapted to the specific needs of the shipowner. Calling the AMO also allows shipowners to question the competition in order to implement their project fairly, but also to present a new construction budget to their bankers and/or shareholders.

As a representative of the shipowner, the AMO serves as a true privileged contact with the shipyard, especially in the case of geographical distance. Its role is to point out and communicate the technical developments proposed by the site, but also to express how important they are. It facilitates exchanges and saves a lot of time in project implementation.

Tailored support from identifying requirements to sea trials

AMO provides genuine support throughout the shipbuilding project. From determining the need and size of the project to sea trials, including consulting construction sites and monitoring construction phases. The Project Management Assistant ensures that the applicant’s expectations are respected, as well as administrative and organizational standards, while playing the role of mediator with suppliers and the site.

Among the many projects to which COPREXMA has contributed, the Fromveur 1 project in particular demonstrates the expertise demonstrated by the Naval Design and Engineering Office. COPREXMA was ordered as AMO in the project to modernize passenger ships and bring them up to standard, in accordance with the new passenger transport regulations, and played a key role in the successful completion of the project. His full knowledge of the new safety rules applicable to existing and older vessels allowed him to challenge the operator and shipowner on the technical impossibility of modernizing the vessel – unlike the Enez Sun and Enez Essa which could have been converted. The launch of Fromveur 1 led to the construction of a new ship.

COPREXMA provided AMO services in all types of professional shipbuilding: the Office of Naval Design and Architecture in particular consulted with the shipyards and ensured the construction control of two tall ships, La Renaissance and La Province du North, built at the Croisicais Naval Shipyard, To arm the baby blue of New Caledonia. Recently, as part of the construction work at the Gléhen shipyard, based on a Coprexma design, for two pelagic fishing vessels Papy Chichi and Les Chignolles or even Pilote Garnier, an experimental boat from Les Sables d’Olonne.


Enez Eussa III after repair (addition of bulb for post-damage stability standards; insulation of compartments from fire; adaptation of fire-fighting means and evacuation equipment); Chignolles and Pilote Garnier built by Chantier Naval Croisicais to COPREXMA designs.

COPREXMA and many current and future projects

Looking to the future, Cobrexma is working on innovative designs to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

The Naval Architectural Design Office supported Paimpol Maritime High School in building an innovative ship, as part of its recovery plan. The vessel, a hybrid propulsion catamaran, is currently being completed at the Efinor shipyard in Paimpol and will be launched soon.


Training ship for Paimpol Naval High School built by Chantier Naval Efinor in 2023.

COPREXMA is also monitoring the construction of a port-operated dredger at the Gléhen shipyards, and will soon support the city of Concarneau in the construction of a new environmentally designed and environmentally responsible ferry.

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