American Pickers star Mike Wolfe’s girlfriend, Letitia Cline, flips him off as he films her in an awkward moment.

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe’s girlfriend, Letitia Cline, flips him off as he films her in an awkward moment.

American star Mike Wolfe’s girlfriend, Letitia Clyne, has revealed that she is at her wits’ end with Mike.

Leticia, 45, was more interested in technology than the beautiful outdoors during a recent camping trip she and Mike took.

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe photographed his girlfriend Letitia Cline at their campsiteCredit: Instagram/leticyclean
Leticia gave Mike the finger after he recorded her using her phone instead of being there at that momentCredit: Instagram/mikewolfeamericanpicker

The History Channel star, 59, photographed Leticia while sitting in a folding chair at the campsite.

She was looking intently at her phone, seemingly engrossed in whatever was on her phone screen.

Leticia finally looked up, catching her prominent American Pickers lover recording her.

The model immediately gave Mike the finger, holding it up in front of her face so he wouldn’t miss it.

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“Letitia Klein is on her phone, not noticing the beautiful landscape,” Mike captioned the clip he shared on his recent Instagram Stories.

Leticia and Mike started dating in August 2021 although they were rumored to be dating a few months earlier.

Before they took their relationship to the next step, Leticia and Mike had been friends since 2018.

At the time, Mike was married to his ex-wife, Jodi Faith, before they split in 2020.

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Cute couple

Since dating, the two have documented their adventures around the world, from trips to Italy to impromptu vacations in Maui.

The couple also traveled extensively within the United States.

In October, Leticia and Mike posted photos from a boutique hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to its website: “Located in the heart of East Nashville, Urban Cowboy’s eight uniquely designed suites are housed in a historic 19th century Victorian mansion.”

Leticia checked into “The Cabin,” the most expensive suite of the group, costing more than $500 a night.

She gave fans a tour of the unique room that features a Southwestern motif.

In the center of the suite, a double-slipped clawfoot tub invites guests to bathe.

While it wasn’t clear if Mike joined her in the romantic suite, Leticia made sure to take full advantage of the bathtub.

She even teased her fans with a sexy photo of her bare legs as she stepped out of the shower while relaxing.

Boston Bond

Leticia also raced across the country with her boyfriend Mike, as he considered stepping away from his reality show.

Mike spent more time with his co-star and less time filming as he navigated his future with the network.

He shared updates with fans as he explored a new motorcycle shop in Boston with Leticia.

The host took to his TikTok profile in October to share a video of MadHouse’s engines.

Mike began his clip by moving from the store’s parking lot to the black brick entrance marked by a large white sign.

He captured several different motorcycles at various points of repair and restoration in the video.

The boy’s father included shots of the employees working at the store, a cute gray and white domestic cat, a coffee stand out front, and the awards the bike salesmen have received over the years.

The collector also added a video of himself walking into the store’s merchandise section wearing gold pants and a black long-sleeved shirt.

Mike photographed an adorable gray pitbull, a wall of motorcycle decor, and finished it off with a photo of himself standing alongside store employees and his girlfriend Leticia.

He captioned his post: “Visit @madhousemotors with me! Powered by globally recognized custom motorcycle builder, J Shia.

“Located in Boston, this store features rare and custom motorcycles and a coffee and merchandise shop.”

Mike invited Leticia out “for not noticing the beautiful landscape.”Credit: Instagram/mikewolfeamericanpicker
Mike and Leticia have been dating since 2021Credit: Instagram/Laetitia Klein
Mike and Leticia have traveled a lot together since they were a coupleCredit: Instagram/Laetitia Klein

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