Alan Wake 2 has chilling details that ensure you’re always being watched

Alan Wake 2 has chilling details that ensure you’re always being watched

published: 2023-11-06T16:59:37

Updated: 2023-11-06T16:59:47

An eagle-eyed Alan Wake 2 player noticed a strange detail when he was closely observing the owl in the writer’s room.

Alan Wake 2 follows two main characters – the novelist of the same name and FBI analyst Saga Anderson. The Saga section of the game features the Mind Place, a Mind Palace-like scenario that allows players to pin clues to the status board, upgrade their weapons, and more.

Alan’s part includes a similar setup, a writer’s room where the author works through plot points in the story he is making up. Notably, the writer’s room is an attic converted into an office with minimal decor.

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But there is one important thing hanging on the wall behind Alan’s desk: an ornate owl figurine. Interestingly enough, there seems to be more than meets the eye when it comes to owl wall art.

The writer’s room for Alan Wake 2 is a lot scarier than it looks

When players are inside the writer’s room, they have the ability to roam the space. The width of the floor plate constitutes a major mechanic and the main purpose of the area. Upgrading weapons, listening to songs, and rewatching compilation videos are some other options.

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It may seem like a private space for Alan to get his bearings, but one player notices that someone…or something is always watching. Twitter user/X Shkigulka This is referenced in the gameplay trailer that shows the owl character behind Alan’s desk monitoring his movements.

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If Alan walks to the right, the owl’s head and eyes follow accordingly. What’s particularly worrying is that the owl only does this if Alan isn’t looking at it. If the writer moves around the desk while looking at the owl, the creature’s gaze stays fixed at one point off-screen. As soon as Alan looks away, the bird immediately shoots a glare in his direction.

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Suddenly the writer’s room for Alan Wake 2 wasn’t such a safe space anymore. Who or what the monitor owl may represent currently remains a mystery.

But it’s possible that these details and other unanswered questions in the sequel will receive some sort of explanation sooner rather than later. Remedy has already confirmed its extensive post-launch plans for the game, which include free updates to Photo Mode and New Game Plus.

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The developer also intends to launch two paid expansions in 2024 – Night Springs and The Lake House.

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