How do we ensure the start of the school year with 500 destroyed schools? And above all, how to rebuild afterwards The devastating earthquake that occurred a week ago ? These are the questions that Moroccan authorities and architects are asking themselves today. First, you have to assess the situation. Should homes be destroyed or restored?

On deck as of Saturday morning, architects will participate in inspections of all buildings, our correspondent in Morocco reported. Seddik Khalfi. Jawad Basri, President of the Marrakesh Architects Syndicate: We have opened rosters, and we have hundreds of volunteer architects “, he explains.

Collective buildings

For reconstruction, priority is given to community facilities: schools, mosques and clinics must resume as quickly as possible. “ In Marrakesh alone, there are 86 affected schools. He specifies. We make commissions in connection with these group social facilities. This is an exceptional format. All efforts were concentrated and we tried not to disperse. »

Architects are campaigning for an integrated model. For them, repeating the mistakes of the past is unthinkable. “ We have asked the public authorities to work urgently, but not in a hurry, provided that there is a specific urban and architectural model. The architect confirms. We ask the public authorities who will rebuild this area to have an integrated project. » Architects hope to be useful and improve the daily lives of their citizens.

An excavator removes fallen stones on the road near Adassil, September 11, 2023. Reuters – Nacho Doce


As for homes, there is no official estimate yet of the number of destroyed buildings. But the construction site Titanic said Sofiane Abbad, a civil engineer at Qualiconsult Group, a Moroccan company specializing in construction, over the loudspeaker.Arthur Poncelet. “ Currently, the authorities have chosen, and I believe it is actually the best option, to classify the buildings that suffered major damage, and not allow citizens and residents to sit in these buildings. Although they are standing, and the level of cracking and level of impact have not been assessed at this stage, we preferred to keep the residents safe from the potential risk of collapse. »


Emergency services are still working to find bodies under the rubble. But to get to remote villages, you have to go by road. Roads were also affected by the earthquake, with major landslides occurring in some places. Bouchaib Safir, president of the Moroccan Road Association, details the efforts needed to clear access roads. “ To clear these roads, an impressive mobilization of individuals and machinery was undertaken. He describes. Public works companies generally responded to the call of the Moroccan Road Association, in coordination with the Ministry of Equipment, Public Works and Water. On Saturday morning, the companies transported a large fleet of heavy equipment, including bulldozers, loaders, excavators, and extrication trucks. Teams of skilled workers have also been deployed to coordinate all these efforts. »

“Since the earthquake” 80% of the roads were cut off » It can be reopened, he confirms.

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