Action-packed games with surprisingly good building mechanics

Action-packed games with surprisingly good building mechanics


  • Many survival games lack depth and engagement in their building systems, which can be disappointing for players who enjoy customizing their environments.

  • Games that prioritize complex, well-thought-out building systems offer players the freedom to create beautiful and functional structures, even in desolate worlds.

  • Building mechanics in games like Fortnite, Terriria, and 7 Days to Die play a crucial role in gameplay and strategic advantage, allowing players to create forts and battlefields to defend against enemies.

Many games, even within the survival genre, focus a lot on elements like combat, crafting, exploration, and gathering. Depending on the game, the actual building The process may not be as deep or engaging as many would like.

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For those who enjoy spending hours upon hours polishing and furnishing their habitat, this lack of attention can, to say the least, be quite disappointing. In contrast, games that have taken the time to create complex, well-thought-out building systems offer a certain level of freedom to create something beautiful and functional, even in the most isolated worlds.

8 fortnite

Map in Fortnite


PC, iOS, mobile, Xbox One, Android, PS5, Xbox Series

July 25, 2017

Epic Games

Survival, Battle Royale

At this time, many do not realize that it is very popular fortnite The game was never planned to be what it is today. For years, the game has been moving in the direction of a cooperative survival game, with tower defense and exploration mechanics. Later, the creators shifted towards the free-to-play model known today.

However, its unique and highly efficient building style has always been one of its strongest selling points, setting it apart from countless Battle Royale type games today. The system has turned out to be so intuitive that many players are now using it offensively in the midst of intense battles.

7 Terraria

Castle in Terraria


PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series

May 16, 2011

Bring back the logic

Action, adventure, sandbox

For a 2D action adventure game, Terraria It focuses a lot on base building and provides a great deal of tools for players to customize and shape their environment. From the different blocks and mechanisms to the different backgrounds and light sources, there’s plenty of room for imagination to run high.

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Aside from that, building is a crucial element for NPCs in the game. Each new store owner will need their own room, and it requires more than just a simple hole in the floor. Furthermore, players can create highly functional battle arenas to help them fight more difficult bosses and monsters.

6 7 days to die

Zombies in 7 days to die

7 days to die

PC, PS4, Xbox One

December 13, 2013

Fun pimps

Survival horror

This zombie survival game gives players a lot of options on how to prepare during the first six days of the week and puts it all to the test on the seventh day. in 7 days to dieplayers are subjected to a barrage of attacks during the so-called “Blood Moon,” as hordes of zombies do their best to tear them apart.

At this point, the complex building system will greatly benefit those who take the time to put it to good use. With the capabilities of trenches, barricades, vantage points, sniper towers, and more, players can truly raise the zombie-proof fortress of their dreams.

5 V height

Vampire's lair in V Rising

V height


May 17, 2022

stanlock studios

MMORPG, survival game

Vampire castles have always fascinated people with stories of hidden treasures, endless labyrinths and secret rooms full of horrors. V height It allows players to fully customize their mysterious lair, controlling the layout and content of countless rooms.

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There are many ways to build a suitable vampire base, and players should focus on their preferred play style and consider whether they are playing PvP or PvE, as defense methods and priorities may change radically. However, it can be a lot of fun and certainly very satisfying to look into a complex bunker that only the creator really knows how to navigate.

4 Valheim

Viking Hall in Valheim


Linux, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series

February 2, 2021

Iron Gate AB

Sandbox, survival

Valheim It is a great Viking survival game that has many unique elements to shake up the old formula. Aside from the interesting bosses and unique monsters that populate the world, there are plenty of lands to explore and materials to find and turn into home decorations.

Interestingly, the game really captured the Viking building style and architecture. No matter what players end up creating, there will always be recognizable bows and dragon heads. The physical foundation of the build is very solid, and players will need to take into account the weight of their planned fireplaces and build their impressive bases accordingly.

3 Subnautica: Below Zero

Underwater Base in Subnautica: Below Zero

Subnautica: Below Zero

PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series

January 30, 2019

Unknown worlds of entertainment

Survival, open world

For a game set on a mostly underwater alien planet, there’s surprising depth to the game’s core building Subnautica series. Although there are a lot of required buildings used to maintain and create transportation, there are plenty of options for those who want to customize their base further.

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From an aquarium to growing plants to shelves to store memorabilia, dedicated players can make this remote base of operations feel like home. Since almost all of the buildings are optional, it’s very refreshing to see this kind of detail and dedication to a secondary feature.

2 Rust

The stone house is rusting


Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox One

February 8, 2018

Vispinch Studios


Rust It remains one of the most popular survival games on Steam and for a few good reasons. The gunplay feels good and realistic, the crafting system is extensive and thoughtful, and the social aspect has endless potential for positive and negative interactions.

However, the building should get more credit than it did. There are many systems and options for players who put work into their rules. From power lines to mechanical traps to barred windows and metal doors, the possibilities for creating a suitable stronghold are endless. Over the years, players have created many effective building methods, and mastered the craft of base building, as well as base raiding.

1 Fallout 4

Power suit in Fallout 4

Fallout 4

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

November 10, 2015


RPG, action

Fallout 4 It may not immediately come to mind when it comes to building, but the game has a lot of cool surprises for those interested. Introduced in the Minutemen route, it shows players how much freedom they have when it comes to creating homes and entire settlements.

While it may not be for everyone, the game has a surprising depth of building and crafting, allowing players to flesh out and expand their living environments. From simple, functional villages to massive towers and impregnable castles, players can bring plenty of life and horror to the desolate post-apocalyptic wastelands.

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