A new platform that delves into Frank Gehry’s engineering

A new platform that delves into Frank Gehry’s engineering

The Walt Disney Concert Hall, designed by the famous American architect Frank Gehry, has become a landmark in Los Angeles. In addition to its stunning exterior, the building was also built to be one of the most acoustically advanced concert halls in the world.

A new Getty digital exhibition, in collaboration with the LA Philharmonic and Frank Gehry himself, reveals in detail the thought and design process behind this world-famous piece of architecture.

The comprehensive website Sculpting Harmony, developed by the Amsterdam branch of digital experience agency Resn, allows visitors to explore elements of the hall’s layout through interviews, archival materials, 3D drawings and stunning aerial photography.

The site has a fun and engaging tone, encouraging users to engage with the content and embrace the creative spirit involved not only in architecture, but in making beautiful music as well.

Frank Gehry's Harmony Sculpture
Photo: Mike Kelly

The landing page welcomes visitors in a massive, rounded display font used for the exhibition title, while intricate hand-drawn fonts reflect the building’s dramatic form and the expressive sounds found within. As an Easter egg of sorts, desktop users can also open the Maestro Cursor by clicking and holding the mouse and moving it around the screen.

“We aimed to infuse Frank Gehry’s authentic style and trademark graphics into the art direction, balancing the lively celebration of the concert hall with an elegant editorial approach for an academic audience,” the Riesen team explained on their website. “We also pushed the boundaries of typography to express the distinctive shapes of the concert hall, diverse orchestral sounds, and Jerry’s playful personality.”

As visitors scroll through the website, they are presented with an immersive mix of images, video, and text. Renderings of Gehry’s architectural models sit alongside new interviews with the architect and stunning views of the hall from above to provide a truly detailed account of its creation.

In doing so, visitors can not only gain a deeper appreciation for one of Los Angeles’ most beloved buildings, but they can also catch a glimpse into the creative process of a true master.

Frank Gehry's Harmony Sculpture
Photo: Adam Latham. Courtesy of the Los Angeles Phil © Frank O Gehry, Getty Research Institute Los Angeles, 2017
Frank Gehry's Harmony Sculpture
Photo: © Frank O. Gehry, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles


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