A long-awaited theater will soon open inside a popular Texas entertainment center

A long-awaited theater will soon open inside a popular Texas entertainment center

Late next month, Toyota Music Factory, a large entertainment center in Irving, Texas, that includes 20 restaurants and entertainment concepts, will see a soft opening of Rayleigh Underground, a 38,000-square-foot theater and restaurant with 850 seats and complemented by a new building. A 6,000-capacity concert venue operated by Live Nation.

Named after Lord Rayleigh, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who first discovered acoustics and the scattering of light waves, Rayleigh Underground features an 18-by-50-foot stage with a 36-by-18-foot Absen video wall and a 2.9-foot space in the center of the stage. The venue will also feature multiple interactive LED screens throughout, five bars, two VIP bars, three private dining areas, a merchandise room, and an audio-visual lighting room.

According to Chris Michiro, co-founder and design director of Dallas-based Emblem Interior Design, the interior designer for this project, Rayleigh Underground, created it to provide a more intimate space for performers, artists, comedians and guest speakers, along with “giving guests a Pacific Rim-flavored dining experience.” .

Place design tells stories

This project has been underway for several years. The Toyota Music Factory opened in late 2017. A year later, after resolving a financial dispute between the city and the developer, the Toyota Music Factory opened. Dallas News The center will add five restaurants and bars, including one called Rayleigh Underground and the Violet Room, which includes a large stage, it said.

Completion of the Rayleigh Underground project has been hampered by several factors, Michiru explains.

The project’s original designer “created a lot of problems (regarding) mechanical, HVAC, space planning, etc.,” he says in an email to Bahraini Dinar + EGP. “There was no real narrative to the design.” When Emblem was hired to replace that designer, they did a complete redesign that touched up every finish and material. Emblem has created “storeyed spaces that give guests a sense of place and history to the interiors, making every experience unforgettable.” Michiru adds that the scale of Rayleigh Underground and its multiple areas “connect to our design narrative.”

Like entering a cave

Rayleigh Underground will feature several bars and dining venues near the indoor stage.

One of these “novels” fuses innovative technology with the raw aesthetic of an underground amphitheater. StoneCoat limestone stucco cladding creates indoor and outdoor surfaces that highlight the look and texture of authentic rock, stone and stucco.

“We wanted to create a unique and memorable guest experience,” Ken Forsythe, CEO of Rayleigh Underground client Restaurant Expert Management, said in a prepared statement.

Other members of the Rayleigh Underground construction team are PGP Construction (GC), Herb Goodman (CM and owner’s representative), Mark Hopper (architect), Brookfield Properties Development (owner of Toyota Music Factory), GME (electrical), EPS (plumbing), Kosel (HVAC and controls), Hatfield (acoustic drywall assemblies), Carpentry Associates (millwork and bar metal work), AllPro (A/V), Highland (fire suppression), Mitec (fire and property protection), Stonehill Industries (painting), Sigma signs (signage), and CMC (data and low voltage) network solutions.

The Rayleigh subway is set to officially open in December.

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