A Christmas decor expert predicts the hottest holiday trends for 2023

A Christmas decor expert predicts the hottest holiday trends for 2023

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Shop outdoor Christmas decorations recommended by an expert

With the holidays approaching and stores filled with plenty of decorations to choose from, we consulted a Christmas expert to find out the best ways to decorate your yard this December.

Meet Antoinette Boston, the holiday decor expert from Dallas, Texas, who has amassed more than 424,000 followers on TikTok and more than 132,000 on Instagram thanks to her elaborate arrangements.

When she’s not creating stunning vignettes in and around her home, she’s collecting looks for her professional clients and teaching a webinar showing you how to “achieve some of (her) most viral Christmas tree looks on social media!”

Boston was kind enough to sit down with “Good Morning America” ​​to chat about what she’s looking to use in her outdoor outfits this year, as well as what she’ll be using to create winter dreamscapes for others. She shouted out ‘GMA’ favorite Home Depot as one of her top inspiration sites, and she told us why she doesn’t So Big on inflatables and predicted the hottest trend for next season.

Keep scrolling to shop her picks and more inspiration from our conversation!

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Antoinette’s choices for outdoor decor

USTELLAR Smart WiFi LED Lights Outdoor RGB Color Changing Stage Landscape Lighting

price: $71.99 · From Amazon

Boston chose these lights because, as she put it: “I know Christmas lights are expensive to hang on houses now, so as a good alternative, I like flood lights. I like to put them around the perimeter of my house, alternating between red, green, red and so on. It’s really exciting, and it’s $100 or less versus several hundred dollars for traditional Christmas lights.

Christmas Snowfall Projector with Remote Control and 61 Holiday Effects

price: $39.98 · From Home Depot

“Sometimes I pair the floodlights with a projector, so now you have snowflakes coming down the house with the floodlights on,” Boston explained of her method for saving money and injecting a unique aesthetic into her outdoor decor. “It gives a different look than gingerbread houses.”

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7.5 Feet LED Decorative Stack

price: $199 · From Home Depot

“Home Depot is the place,” Boston told us about one of her favorite decor destinations. “In terms of regular people going out and buying ornaments, I don’t want to say they’ve changed the game, but they’re doing it very well. They have a really nice collection of ornaments this year — it’s like four or five ornaments that come stacked on top of each other, but then you can Separate it so it feels like you’re getting more for your money.”

Festive red, gold and green decorated Holiball balls

price: $120 · From Pottery Barn

“The big ornaments now — that’s the most important thing,” Boston said. “You couldn’t find them for a long time because they were so expensive! Now a lot of companies are making them. They look really beautiful in the yard and even hung on trees!”

SUNGUARD UV Protectant Spray for Outdoor Decor, Furniture and More (Pack of 2) Prevents Fading, Peeling and Cracking

price: $37.95 · Save 11%
From Amazon

Original: $42.99

Boston also peppered the decorating discussion with an often overlooked step in protecting and storing these items, which can become heirlooms with proper care! “The big thing that we probably don’t talk about enough is UV mist,” she explained. “Spraying your items so they don’t fade — because you know you’re spending a lot of money on them — I think is really important.”

Berry Place LED Pre-lit Artificial Potted Christmas Tree 4.5 Feet Tall

price: $89.98 · From Home Depot

“If you’re someone who does the traditional look, you can get Christmas trees already potted,” Boston tells us. “It might have flowers on it, plug it in and it’s already lit, and then you add some decorations to it. I buy them for a lot of my customers — they’re a favorite.”

6′ Jimmy Airplane Inflatable Disney Mickey Mouse and Goofy in Vintage Fire Truck Christmas Yard Decorations

price: $149.95 · From Walmart

They may not be their best choice for beautifying a yard, but Boston invests wisely in choosing inflatables that fit their themes. “I’m not a big fan of inflatables,” she said. “It’s almost the easy way! But sometimes we do a Disney theme, and with Disney, it’s all about the inflatables.”

More GMA picks.

36 Inch LED Lighted Grinch with Inflatable Mold Birthday Gift

price: $44 · From Walmart

Costway Set of 2 Pre-Lit Battery Operated Christmas Trees 24 Inch

price: $45.99 · From Walmart

10FT Height Large Christmas Inflatables Gingerbread House Archway Decorations

price: $109.99 · From Amazon

4 ft. animated christmas reindeer animated

price: $199 · From Home Depot

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the crackling of reindeer hooves! Decorate your garden with a furry friend with this fun animation from Home Depot.

36″ striped metal blow mold candle

price: $74.99 · From Wayfair

Light the way for visiting Santa when you bring home this glowing candle mold to decorate your porch. It has a certain vintage appeal too, so it will continue to look new for many years to come.

Candy Cane Christmas Lighted Display (Set of 12)

price: $59.99 · From Wayfair

Perfect for lining your walkway or entire yard, you’ll feel like you’re floating in a Christmas wonderland every time you come home when you’re surrounded by these adorable candy canes.

Jackyled 160 LED Outdoor String Lights, 48ft RGB Patio Lights with Rope Fairy, Waterproof Edison Bulb String Lights Outside Indoor Christmas Party Halloween, Remote Control, Warm and Multi, 1 Pack

price: $43.99 · Save 12%
From Amazon

Original: $49.99

Wooden stake in Christmas yard, with LED light

price: $80.99 · Save 30%
From Messi

Original: $116

Create a sophisticated North Pole feel in your yard when you place this directional sign, as all signs point to family, joy and fun this Christmas.

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