8 architectural ideas for incorporating a wardrobe into the bedroom

8 architectural ideas for incorporating a wardrobe into the bedroom

Published November 10, 2023 at 7:03 pm

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Do you want to store your clothes but there is little space at home? Allow yourself to be inspired by these arrangements that put small spaces in the spotlight.

When we think of a dressing room, we often think of a dedicated part of the home fully equipped with storage. Unfortunately, not everyone has the extra room to convert. If you’re in this situation, and don’t want to do a major sorting through your wardrobe, fear not. By arranging your bedroom properly, you’ll be able to enjoy all the fun of a dressing room without giving up your shopping addiction.

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How to place a dressing room in the bedroom

The secret to successfully integrating a dressing room into your sleeping area is to take advantage of small spaces that are often neglected. In a bedroom, in the attic for example, it is common not to know what to do on the attic side. In this case, hiring a carpenter to create custom cabinets may be a good idea to put the remaining square footage aside. Even if the height of the base does not allow for a large wardrobe, you will be able to benefit from the storage space for your shoes or small accessories. Is your cozy nest too small? Can’t you put anything other than your mattress in there? So a bed with storage will help you create storage space without taking up a single square meter of the room. It is also possible to raise your bed and make it accessible with steps that turn into a drawer or turn into a storage bed.

Determine your needs and desires

Now all that remains is to define your wants and needs. The space available in your room will be a real factor in what it will be possible to do or not, but you shouldn’t forget to take your lifestyle into account. Do you have a small and large wardrobe but not much space? So you should instead focus on cabinets equipped with a telescopic rod. This arrangement will allow you to play with the depth of your wardrobe rather than the width. If you do not have space to open swing doors, choose sliding or accordion versions that also allow you to gain a few centimeters. You can easily choose an open dressing room. You have several options in this case. You can install shelves on the wall, which take up less space than storage boxes. Another solution, for larger dresses and coats, you can create an airy dressing room by hanging a rod from the ceiling. To use this tip, there is nothing simpler than this; It is enough to have an empty section of the wall at least one meter long. Decorating tip? Replace the classic rod with a piece of driftwood or a colorful clear resin rod. This way, what is essentially just storage will become an integral part of your decorative world.

Inspiring ideas to remember to decorate your room

Motivated but lacking inspiration? The architects on Houzz necessarily have the right solution for you. Let yourself be guided by these original dressing rooms and fixtures.

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