7 Indian decor ideas for your garden

7 Indian decor ideas for your garden

Decoration elevates every part of the house including the garden.

While decorating is a way to make your home look stylish and more attractive, you should not ignore the garden.

A garden is a place where one can escape from their busy lifestyle but also provides another place when socializing with visitors.

Therefore, adding some decor to your outdoor space provides uniqueness and allows you to express yourself.

It also beautifies the area, making it a part of the home where you and your friends want to be when socializing.

When it comes to Indian decor, there is a lot to check out because India is a place full of rich culture.

The country offers many wonderful crafts and pieces that will add to the charm of any garden.

So, here are seven Indian-inspired decor ideas that will give your garden an exotic feel.

water fountain

7 Indian decor ideas for your garden - Al Nafoura

A water fountain is one of the easiest ways to decorate the garden. It also provides a soothing aura.

Park historian Eugenia Herbert says:

“They are very important in gardens for obvious reasons: for the cooling effect in a hot climate.

“If you take a walk in a park in the evening, there will be the wonderful sound of water from the fountains and the fragrant shrubs, and the moonlight on the flowers.

“It’s a magical effect.”

To give a more Indian look, create a small pond around it made of stone with intricate carvings.

When deciding on a water fountain, choose one that fits the size of your garden.

Garden sculptures

7 Indian decor ideas for your garden - Sculpture

Ornaments and sculptures are the easiest way to add some life to a home, but they can also improve the look of the garden.

Given that Indian culture is rich in arts and crafts, it is no surprise that there is an array of Indian-inspired garden decorations.

Most are made of stone but others are made of other materials such as bronze and marble.

Animal sculptures, such as elephants, tend to be the most popular because they are considered authentic.

This type of decor can be very subtle but will make a statement.

Other options include Buddha statues and deities.

Colorful accessories

7 Indian decor ideas for your garden - accessories

Colorful accessories will provide an Indian touch to any garden.

Items like pinwheels, bunting and pompoms are typically used for special occasions like weddings but can add a beautiful look to an outdoor area.

They come in all sorts of colors to suit your preferences and are inexpensive, meaning garden decorating won’t break the bank.

It is also versatile as it can be hung wherever you want.

Other colorful accessories to consider include pillows and umbrellas.

It may be a simple idea, but it is an idea that will add some life to your outdoor space.


7 Indian decor ideas for your garden - Swing

Outdoor swing is an integral part of Indian garden decoration ideas.

They are a great addition when it comes to relaxing outdoors and come in different types.

Simple chairs are available with a single seat while others can seat multiple people and feature detailed carvings.

One example is the traditional Jola hammock that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It features a rooftop canopy supported by two upright columns along with four ornately carved figures.

Four chains support the swing seat, which is suitable for up to three people.

With so many designs available, there is bound to be something for everyone. But no matter the choice, an Indian swing will add beauty to your outdoor area.

Remembrance lamps

Elegant home decor ideas from India - dhokra

Dhokra lamps are a welcome addition to the home but can also add a traditional character to a garden.

“Dhakra” is the casting of non-ferrous metals using the lost-wax casting technique. This type of metal casting has been used in India for over 4,000 years and is still prominent today.

There are two main processes for lost wax casting: solid casting and hollow casting.

Solid casting uses a solid piece of wax to create the mold while hollow casting is more traditional and uses a clay core.

Since the Dokra Dhamar tribes are the main traditional blacksmiths of West Bengal and Odisha, their technique is named after them, hence the name Dokra metal casting.

Since it is an ancient tribal tradition, the décor inspired by the memory adds an authentic touch.

Remembrance lights can be hung around the garden, illuminating outdoor spaces on dark nights.


7 Indian decor ideas for vines

Walls or fences covered with vines or greenery give an Indian feel to the garden.

Not only does it enhance your outdoor space, but it also acts as a privacy boundary.

Henna shrubs, madhumulti (Rangoon creeper) and flame vine are classic choices for an Indian-inspired garden.

Herbert says of the border wall tradition:

“The tradition goes back to very, very distant times in Persia. Mughal gardens were always surrounded by walls.

“There were parts of the garden designated for women only, and the basic rule was that the walls had to be high enough so that anyone sitting on an elephant could not see them.”

Adding vines to your boundary walls provides some color and life to a boring fence or wall.

Colored shading

7 Indian decor ideas for your shade

This is more suitable for sunny weather but another Indian-inspired decor option is a shaded area full of colour.

The color will naturally brighten the garden while protecting you from the sun’s rays.

It will make the garden more suitable for hospitality, especially during hot weather when people want to socialize outside but don’t want to get too hot.

It’s also a simple addition.

Simply place colorful fabric blinds along some wooden supports in a cooler part of the garden.

Add some lawn chairs and a table to create a stylish outdoor seating area.

Although the garden is not always thought of, it is a place that can enhance the entire home if the right decor is added.

These Indian-inspired ideas will add an Indian flair to your garden while remaining functional and elegant.

Whether it’s something as simple as a wrap or something more straightforward like a hammock, there are many unique ways to add an Indian touch to your outdoor space.

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