7 ideas to warm your garden this winter

7 ideas to warm your garden this winter

How to keep the garden warm in winter, close-up of a burning fire pit at night

How do you warm your garden this winter? Amy Stocklin – Getty Images

Spruce up your outdoor space this winter with smoldering fire pits, patio heaters and chiminea plants – even when the sun isn’t anywhere in sight. Temperatures may have dropped, but that doesn’t mean you have to bundle up and hide from the cold until next spring.

“There are plenty of ways to warm your garden during the colder months,” explains Harry Buddell at PriceYourJob. “Not only does outdoor heating liven up your garden space in the winter, it can also keep plants warm when they are dormant so they don’t become permanently damaged or die.”

Do you want to create an all-weather garden that you can enjoy even in the depths of winter? Take a look at some ideas below.

1. Light a fire pit

Fire pits don’t have to be limited to summer when they provide the perfect focal point for outdoor evenings. It’s also an ideal way to keep warm when temperatures start to drop.

“Because the fire pit is so versatile, it can be installed into an existing outdoor entertaining area,” says Harry. ‘Installing a fire pit doesn’t require making major changes to your garden. As a result, it’s well worth the money because of the value it provides to your backyard or outdoor entertaining space.’

2. Consider Chimenya

Patio with table, chairs and fire pit

Winter may be just around the corner, but portable caimans are great for providing an extra layer of warmth – and they’re great for cooking up an outdoor feast. Many popular types of kiminis can be purchased in cast iron, brass, cast aluminum, and stainless steel. Unlike a fire pit, chiminea plants have a small chimney, so the smoke is directed away from you.

Not sure which one to buy? Harry advises: “A steel chiminea is one of the cheapest options costing on average £50 to £80, while a cast iron chiminea can cost between £150 to £200.”

3. Choose infrared heaters

Infrared heaters are among the most convenient and environmentally friendly outdoor heating solutions simply because they are electric. With fast-acting thermal rays that disperse the cold, they’re great for extending your time outside this Christmas (although you may still need a blanket or two).

A wall mounted infrared heater is great for small gardens, and most importantly it won’t take up any valuable floor space.

4. Make the most of your conservatory

Ercole dining room table and chairs

With proper insulation, conservatories can serve as a year-round function room. Although they are a sun trap during the warmer months, conservatories are a great way to warm up your garden in the winter because they allow you to enjoy a bit of the outdoors without feeling cold.

“In the past, the conservatory was often unsuitable in the winter because of the cold, and it was too hot in the summer,” says Harry. “Fortunately, you can now warm your conservatory with underfloor heating or regular radiators, as well as installing sun shades.”

5. Consider using warm floors

Are you dreaming of cooking up a storm outside this winter? Did you know that underfoot radiant technology can be used to warm walkways, steps and outdoor walkways when the weather gets cold? It’s a more expensive option (between £5,000 and £7,000), but if you want to use your garden all year round, it’s worth considering.

“With some planning and the help of radiant heating, you’ll be able to grill outside no matter how much it snowed the night before, without ever having to lift a shovel,” Harry explains. “During the winter months, you can use this heat-enhancing technology, transforming your outdoor living space into a cozy winter retreat.”

6. Purchase a free-standing patio heater

Lamp from a tree

Patio heaters are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, making them an attractive addition to your garden or patio, and the tall, free-standing style is great for ensuring maximum coverage in your outdoor space. While many of us turn our attention to indoor Christmas decor, patio heaters make it easier than ever to extend the party outside.

7. Embrace outdoor fireplaces

Temperatures take a tumble? No problem! Outdoor fireplaces provide comfort and warmth to any outdoor space. Although fire pits get most of the glory, many homeowners embrace the romantic look of an outdoor fireplace.

The price of installing an outdoor fireplace can range from £600 to £3,850, depending on the type of style you want to achieve. To cut costs, install a small fireplace unit instead of building one out of stone.

‘Stoves are great sources of heat,’ Harry explains, ‘and they enable you to spend more time outside, even when it’s freezing. All you need is a warm jacket and a fire to cozy up with your loved ones.’

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