7 easy and creative wall art ideas to transform your home

7 easy and creative wall art ideas to transform your home

Let’s face it, when it comes to revamping our wall art, art in its traditional sense doesn’t speak to everyone. I’ve seen this firsthand while exploring museums and through my many art-based travels. I heard people whisperingThis is art?‘or’i don’t get it…” for those besides. Perhaps the way we have historically learned to categorize and define art as paintings, photography, sculptures, etc., excludes many from enjoying the benefits of having art in the home, in whatever form that art may be.

A year ago, I helped a friend move, and was amazed when I recently returned to see beautiful furniture all over the place, but nothing on the walls. When I asked him why, he said: I hate bare walls. But I don’t have any paintings, and I don’t like anything I see. His comment set me on a mission to find unique ideas for all residents of homes with bare walls (who don’t want actual bare walls).

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The truth is, home decorating is an incredibly personal experience – there’s no need to buy paintings, prints or photographs, simply because you feel that’s what you “should” put on your walls.

So what should you hang on your walls instead? Today’s home philosophy is about balance and creating an organized home that is unique to you. It’s amazing how much more comfortable and special a home can feel when it’s a direct reflection of the owner’s personality, interests, and travels.

One of the beauties of owning a home is the freedom to decide what you want to live with and look at every day. What brings you joy? How can you incorporate more of that into your home? Here are seven unique wall art ideas that aren’t “art,” but make beautiful, personal displays. I hope they inspire you to color outside the lines a little in your home decor and fill your walls with things that truly matter to you.

7 wall art ideas that will add creativity to your walls

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Hang your hat(s)

Hats have been taking over our walls in recent years, and we’re totally here for the look. If you don’t yet have a collection of adorable toppers to decorate your walls (and grab on your way out the door to the beach), now is a good time to start! Estate sales and thrift stores are great options for amassing a unique collection of cool hats.

Photo of Matt Titone’s surf shack remodel by Mark Seelen

Let your hobbies take center stage

Surfboards, skateboards, recording art – anything goes! One of the (many) nice things about having a hobby is that oftentimes, getting your gear is half the fun. To create a truly personal atmosphere, surround yourself and decorate your home with all the things that bring you happiness. Bonus: When you tell yourself you’d rather watch Netflix, seeing your hobby displayed front and center will make it hard to resist diving into it.

Photo of Greg and Christy Belloc’s home in Los Angeles By Virtually Here Studios

Swap into bowl

This trend shows no signs of slowing down. A single woven bowl can create a dynamic effect, or you can update a gallery wall with a trio or more of your favorite pieces. This idea brings a beautiful artisanal feel that will infuse your home with thoughtful feelings and intentions.

Sunday House photo by Kate Zimmerman Turpin by Kate Zimmerman Turpin.

Make it practical

Not sure where to put all your kitchen equipment? If you love the look of wooden cutting boards and have a collection of nesting bowls that you won’t display, put them all where you can see them! Not only does this idea offer a simplified storage solution, but the visual cue will instill a little gratitude for all the beautiful and dear things in your life.

Photo of Diana Rio’s home office Till Thompson

Experiment with textiles and upholstery

Definitely art, but with a twist! (And no, when we say tapestries, we’re not talking about the ones that once adorned the walls of your college dorm.) We love simple, organic textiles that add warmth to a wall (and thus your space as a whole). If you need a little calm and grounded energy, you can’t go wrong with this option.

Photo of Craftsman Remodeling in Vancouver by Jillian Segal Emma peter

Choose a high-impact mirror

While a bathroom vanity should be equipped with a mirror, this option works anywhere you want to create the illusion of more space. What’s more, going in the direction of a mirror will flood your space with plenty of natural light. Choose something fun and quirky if you want to reflect (you had to) Gen Z’s penchant for whimsy. Or look for an option with an interesting and perhaps ornate frame. When form follows function, beautiful things can happen.

Keep it simple

Of course, negative space is an option too! While some homeowners and apartment dwellers leave their walls blank because they can’t find the art they’re looking for, others do it intentionally. Here, we like that the walls are left bare to balance out the many plants and decorative objects scattered throughout the space. Remember: Although playing with art and its alternatives can be fun, a minimalist look can always offer maximum appeal.

This article was originally published on June 29, 2019 and has since been updated.

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