605 Holiday Market Vendor Directory

605 Holiday Market Vendor Directory

November 28, 2023

Get ready to shop at 605 Made Holiday Market this week.

On Saturday, December 2, the event returns to downtown Sioux Falls with handcrafted items that are great as a gift or sparking the spirit of the season in your home.

The pop-up market featuring goods from about 50 makers will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the underground parking area of ​​Cherapa Place, which is located on the east side of the Big Sioux River between 6th and 8th streets. Submission is free.

You’ll be able to find coffee and muffins in the morning from the Family Visiting Center. Ode to Food & Drinks will sell brunch, as well as mimosas, beer, wine and make-your-own coffee shots.

Construction work continues to expand Cherapa Place. While you will be able to drive up and drop off shoppers at the building entrance, you will need to make some parking adjustments. Here’s a look at the available space:

The 605 Made Holiday Market is sponsored by First National Bank of Sioux Falls and Pomegranate Market and organized by Knotty Gnome Variety & Salvage and SiouxFalls.Business.

Here’s a look at the local manufacturers who will be offering their wares for sale.

Unnatural Candy Company

maker: Allie Miller

Purposes: Freeze-dried candy and sweets

Space creations

Makers: Bill and Jenny Weber

Purposes: Wooden door hangers and ornaments

Art and prints

maker: Alexandra Lonestra

Purposes: Mushrooms, succulent pots, whimsical paintings and coloring books

Local painter changes career to become ‘artist for the underdog’

Blue Moon Designs

maker: Amy Pallister

Purposes: Unique graphic t-shirts, tea towels, and laser engraved wall decor

Braxton Bubble Company

maker: Braxton Saxer

Purposes: Shower bubbles, bath bombs, dog bath bombs, hot cocoa bombs, and spa products

Brick House Creations

maker: Katie Bookery

Purposes: Multimedia jewelry and hats

Charlie Marie

maker: Becky Weber

Purposes: Acrylic and metal signs, canvas art and other decor with a vintage engraved touch

Char kitchen

maker: Charlene Barry

Purposes: Homemade jams, jellies, pickles and sauces in assorted and individual gift sets

Cindy and Diane handcrafted luxury products

Makers: Cindy McGarry and Diane Schwingel

Purposes: Knitted, woven, beaded, sewn and woven items for you, your family and your home

Creatively sharp design

maker: Adrian Sharp

Purposes: 3D shadow boxes

Complete art

maker: Cynthia Anderson

Purposes: Very Dead Things in Jars, wall hangings, NSFW holiday cards, and jewelry made using animal bones

Dakota knits

maker: Mary Engler

Purposes: Knitting, home decor and accessories


maker: Deep Daisy

Purposes: Designer journals, note holders, holiday gift bags and boxes

Design themes

maker: Giselle Chabot

Purposes: Storybook pillows, tooth fairy pillows, children’s themed pillowcases, and fabric covered notebooks

Dried or natural fruits

maker: Joseph Nechojadovich

Purposes: All-natural dried fruit trays, free of preservatives and added sugar

Emilia Rose artwork

maker: Emily Kovacs

Purposes: Watercolor art prints, posters, magnets and cards

FOCCA “For Our Children’s College Accounts”

maker: Sarah Nelson

Purposes: Recycled wool gloves

Foley Docs

maker: Kelly Nelson

Purposes: Recycled handbags using bicycle parts as well as whimsical stitched taxidermy

Freeze Jane

Makers: Joan Neelan and Jane Miller

Purposes: Greeting cards, magazines, holiday wrapped candy, keychains and pendants

George Weidmann Wood Art

maker: George Weidman

Purposes: Bowls, vases, jars, plates, decorative items and more

Gluten free please

maker: Jennifer Johnson

Purposes: Our high-quality, gluten-free baking mixes use organic and allergy-friendly ingredients

I had some yarn

maker: Sheena Sinkgraven

Purposes: Handmade yarn items: stuffed animals, tailgate mitts, reusable water balloons, indoor snowball fights and more

JBeez Build Bud

maker: Jocelyn Ulfstad

Purposes: Choose your own juicer, bowl, and accessories at Build a Bud Bar

JoJo’s Beautiful Paper Shop

maker: Jolene Halverson

Purposes: Hand-drawn illustrations on labels for planners, journals and scrapbook hearts

Carrie’s creations

maker: Kari Elrod

Purposes: South Dakota and Lake Superior Christmas decorations, rock figures and custom t-shirts

Katydid creates

maker: Katie Stolk

Purposes: Fused glass items, including Christmas decor, dishes, general decor, garden stakes and jewelry

Creations of Kevin and Kaya

Makers: Kevin and Kaya Smith

Purposes: Hand-painted stationery for all occasions and box sets

Gnome node variety and rescue

Makers: Stacey and Kyle Wingler

Purposes: Yard and home decor, sewing supplies, accessories, and seasonal gifts (for sister and sweetheart)


maker: Laura Egan

Purposes: Greeting cards that provide local tunes, a little humor and holiday cheer

Lou gifts

maker: Luella Loeth

Purposes: Art gifts, scrubs, dish towels, and 18 inch doll clothes

Luminous fiber works

maker: April Nelson

Purposes: Hand-woven goods showcase beautiful, vibrant colors in practical, high-quality items

Mary + May

maker: Jessica Pickneys

Purposes: High quality products that are safe and durable for children and adults

Legendary business

maker: Athena Wood

Purposes: Paper treasures and strange gifts

Beautiful Mitzi

maker: Mitzi Rosebaum

Purposes: Handmade cowhide, genuine leather, canvas wallets and other women’s accessories

Mo Upholstery and Creations

maker: linda mo

Purposes: Baby car seat coats and beach towel coats for all ages

Mom’s night in

maker: Evangeline Silverstrom

Purposes: Dye-free bath bombs, steamers, bath salts, and scrubs

One smart cookie

maker: Logan gran

Purposes: Decorated sugar cookies for the holiday season

Quail honey

maker: Jocelyn Ulfstad

Purposes: Locally harvested honey foods and skin treatments with live plant friends

Rustic metro designs

maker: Pat Kosela

Purposes: Wooden signs and games

Sawdust Homemade Creations

Makers: Kim and Maggie Schmidt

Purposes: Wooden yard games, portable board games, superhero plaques, candle holders, wine glasses and holiday decorations

Scratch tees

maker: Craig Brown

Purposes: Tees and blouses with regional appeal

Doge Boutique Tailoring

maker: Carly Raymond

Purposes: Unique pet accessories like reversible headbands, collars, bow ties, waste bag holders, and dog mummy products.

She is a crafty seamstress

Makers: Donnie Rolfson and Lindy Holland

Purposes: Holiday and greeting cards, and elaborate holiday decorations

Stitched by sailor

maker: Michelle Sayler

Purposes: Home decor, clothing and accessories

Tail chasers are delicious treats

Makers: Darcey Golden and Amanda Taylor

Purposes: Delicious, all-natural pet foods

Tara Beth Creations

maker: Mountainous country

Purposes: Polymer clay jewelry and other accessories

Three lazy horses

maker: Pam Dornman

Purposes: The pottery has a colorful, whimsical touch and a bit of irony

Very blessed

maker: Angela Kruger

Purposes: Blessing rings for Christmas cards, pom décor, wreaths, and Christmas ornaments

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