Front yards are the outdoor equivalent of a hallway. They are high-traffic spaces that you, your guests, your neighbors, and anyone passing by your home can get a good glimpse of. However, as with hallways, it can be a little neglected when it comes to making it pretty. We understand that these spaces can be tricky when it comes to aesthetics because they need to be functional too if you want them to be the home of your car, and they can also be tight on space, or out of shape. But regardless, front yards deserve your attention.

You don’t need to overhaul the entire area either to make it look more attractive, in fact, you can give it an upgrade without having to plant anything new – ideal if you’re dealing with more driveway space than a yard, or if a lack of square footage means you can’t plant more than The smallest flowers. We asked landscape designers for their top tips on how to spruce up a modern front yard without having to plant anything.

1. Create displays using pots

(Image credit: Richardson & Partners Landscape Architecture)

Technically, you don’t plant anything in the ground, but using planters to add some greenery to your space is a simple way to soften your front yard, giving it some texture and color without the commitment of digging your driveway. And potted plants can make as big an impact as filling in borders. Create beautiful displays by grouping multiple pots together, or add some height by using the best trees for pots.

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