6 Holiday Gifts for Teens and Young Adults |

6 Holiday Gifts for Teens and Young Adults |

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One of the best parts of the holiday is being with those you love, and for many families, this time together includes the exchange of gifts between loved ones young and old. Finding the right gift for everyone can be a challenge, especially if teens and young adults are on your shopping list.

It seems like social media channels are constantly filled with a new tech item, style, hobby or trend, making it even more difficult to pick out gifts for little ones on gift lists. This year, consider some trending gift ideas — like Jelly Belly Jelly Beans — to show your appreciation for Gen Z in your life with treats and giveaways that can appeal to them.

What’s new in technologyAs one of the most popular gift categories for teens and one that is always evolving, it can be difficult to decide which gadgets and gadgets to give as a gift. Think about your loved ones’ hobbies and interests to make the task easier; For example, if they are a music lover or podcast enthusiast, wireless earbuds or headphones are an ideal choice. If social butterflies are on your shopping list, cell phone chargers and smartphone accessories like a pop-up phone grip can make sure they’re one step ahead of their next photo or social post.

For boba and candy loversMany members of Gen Z love a good cup of bubble tea or boba swag, so satisfy their cravings with an option like Jelly Belly Boba Milk Tea Jelly Beans. With gift boxes, snack bags and more, these delicious treats made for sweet tooths provide the perfect balance of tea, tapioca and sweetness in five real milk tea flavors: mango, taro, matcha, strawberry, and Thai milk tea jelly beans. . You can find these gifts at JellyBelly.com where you can purchase online or locate a store near you.

Comfortable amenitiesFor teens heading off to college or young adults venturing out on their own, consider giving gifts to spruce up their new spaces. You can give them a helping hand start their next chapter with fun decor items like pillows and blankets or add life to their new home with stylish wall art or floral arrangements. For simple reminders of home, consider using candles with their favorite scents or aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils to add a touch of calm to the chaos of being out alone.

Play to their hobbiesHelp them embrace their talents and favorite activities whether it’s art, reading, cooking, gaming, playing sports, or mastering musical instruments. New painting kits and supplies can help young Picassos take their art to the next level, while a new appliance or cookbook can provide an upgrade for enthusiastic home cooks.

Gift of musicWhether they have a favorite band or are up-and-coming musicians (or both), give them the gift of music with fun ways to enjoy their favorite songs. Record players and vinyl records are making a big comeback while portable speakers allow audiophiles to take their favorite sounds wherever they go. A subscription to a streaming service can be ideal for casual listeners, or if you’re looking to splurge, consider concert tickets.

Outdoor adventuresFrom jogging around the neighborhood to exploring nearby parks and trails, outdoor enthusiasts can’t get enough gear. Runners are always looking for the latest sneaker or fitness tracker to keep up with their goals, while casual enjoyers of the outdoors might love a new water bottle, picnic blanket, or beach bag.

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