5 types of wood wall panels for contemporary homes

5 types of wood wall panels for contemporary homes

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If the thought of wood wall panels worries you, then you should read this blog until the end. Wood paneling has been a thing of the past, and modern homeowners are bringing it back into the mainstream. High-quality wood panels add so much sophistication and elegance to any home decor (especially contemporary and modern decor) Since the days of plywood are looking up, here are five wall paneling panels you can consider for your home that will add a nice touch of contemporary design to your home the new.

Five wall art ideas for your contemporary home that you can consider

Council and ghee

For people who are looking for wall paneling panels that will add a 3D touch to their homes, wall panels and wood wall panels are here to save them. Although it was designed for outdoor use, it has now been integrated into the interior design of homes. Typically, people who choose clapboard and clapboard are free to choose the color they want, although it is recommended to choose a white home with a black exterior to keep the look clean and crisp.


What is a shiplap? In interior design, shiplap is a style of wood wall siding that features long boards, usually painted white, that are installed horizontally with a slight gap between them in a way that evokes exterior shiplap walls. Horizontal grooved panels have recently taken the world by storm. It allows your walls to have a crisp, clean look and is therefore an obvious choice for contemporary homeowners. It allows you to have a strong and modern look in your room. Compared to drywall, shiplap boards are supposed to have greater strength and can withstand more damage. It is a reasonable choice of wall panel compared to other options available in the market currently.

Wooden wall

Are you looking for a way to add an aesthetic look to your home? Wood wall panels are here to help. Also known as renewable wood, it is sure to add the rustic wood look your new home needs. You can install the panels in any style you want. The result will depend on the type of wood, color and finish you choose, but the factor that makes this wall panel special is how great it looks in every home, regardless of style.

Tongue and groove

Although these look similar to shiplap, they are connected in a different pattern. They will give a clean look to your walls. Although the installation process can be lengthy, these wall panels are worth the hype. These wallboard panels can effectively keep dust away while being on the higher end of the price scale a bit.

Flat panels

One of the few wall paneling panels designed to add a clean and polished look to your room, you can choose it if you prefer simplicity. However, we recommend using flat panels if you want a sophisticated look for your home without the complexity of the materials. Popular options are flat panels three-quarters into the wall or the height of a chair rail.

Now that you are well aware of the top 5 wall panels, it is time to choose one for your home. We advise you to choose one that not only fits your budget, but will also meet your needs.

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