Rugs are an often overlooked part of home decor, yet they can have a huge impact on your space. Whether you’re decorating your first bedroom or apartment, it’s essential to choose your area rugs carefully to bring things together and polish them off. There’s something about a well-placed area rug that instantly makes your space elevated and aesthetic—but that doesn’t mean buying rugs has to be expensive.

When shopping for home decor essentials, a rug is probably the last thing on your mind. You probably find yourself budgeting for bedding and furniture storage solutions — but area rugs? They probably don’t make up your must-have list of things. And this is exactly why cheap carpets come in handy. For under $120, you can get a durable rug that looks great road More expensive than it actually is. You just have to know where to shop.

To experience the magnificence of area rugs without breaking the bank, browse these five sites that have cheap rugs that look like luxury purchases.

1. Durable

Unless you’ve been living under a dimly textured rock, you know all about Ruggable. Machine-washable rugs in cool, modern prints? There is a lot to love. Brand 2-Piece Rugs stand up to coffee spills, the mud of rainy days, dining experiences in the bedroom, and more.

Jonathan Adler Venom Emerald Rug, $119

Credit: Strong

Sure, larger sizes can range from $200 to $400. This is a bit of an investment. But all you need is a small rug — such as 2 feet by 3 feet or 3 feet by 5 feet — to get the decorative benefits. It will cost you less than $150 on most styles! Additionally, the easy-to-clean features of durable carpet mean that your investment will have a much longer life than traditional carpet.

2. Household goods

The HomeGoods name says it all: it has “the goods” when it comes to decorating your space. This includes cheap carpets. From subdued selections to statement patterns, HomeGoods has a healthy selection of inexpensive floor coverings that look ever so cheap.

Justina Blakeney 5-Foot Round Sun Area Rug, $79.99

Credit: Home Goods

The best part? HomeGoods inventory is constantly changing, providing you with the latest styles at a lower cost. But that also means that you have to choose any style to catch your eye! But with so many options under $100, it’s hard to count it as a splurge.

3. Wayfair

A beacon of affordable home decor, Wayfair has countless inexpensive rugs that deliver on style. From classic patterns to floral motifs to bold abstract prints, the massive online retailer has something for every aesthetic. And the prices really can’t be beat.

Rifle Paper Co. x Loloi Les Fleurs Blush Rug, $79

Credit: Wayfair

While you can find piles and piles of bargain purchases on Wayfair, you can also find some very expensive items that are likely out of your reach. Limit selection by price point to make browsing less stressful—and to prevent any heartbreak if your favorite rug costs more than $500. OK.

4. Amazon

If you can’t see this coming, you’re lying. Amazon is the best retailer for everything. This includes stocking thousands upon thousands of rugs. In fact, just searching for the term “carpet” on Amazon returns over 30,000 results. That’s a lot of floor decor!

Unique Loom Chromatic Collection Area Rug, $41.65+ (Original $84+)

Credit: Amazon

If you have a style of rug in mind, like a super soft shaggy rug or even a monstera leaf rug (really), you can probably find it on Amazon. As with everything on Amazon, pricing is inclusive – and so is quality. Take a look at customer reviews to get the best value for your money.

5. Urban Outfitters

For a collection of highly aesthetic rugs, look no further than Urban Outfitters. Although it’s best known for clothing, it doesn’t sleep in Urban’s home decor department—especially when it comes to affordable (and cute!) rugs.

Urban Outfitters Woven Checkerboard Rug, $49.99+

Credit: Urban Outfitters

While you can grab a new hot dog rug for fun, you can also find more upscale options in the retailer’s surprisingly strong selection of nearly 300 rugs. From subdued to vibrant, Urban Outfitters has it all—including one-of-a-kind, affordable rugs as part of its eco-friendly urban renewal program.

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