40 winter nail designs you can try now

40 winter nail designs you can try now

In winter, it’s natural to capture the spirit of the season at the nail level. Soft colors, textured textures, and of course plenty of sparkle are all in the theme.

“Nails are one of those beauty looks that we can play with a lot to celebrate the season,” says Maybelline Alva, creative director at Paintbox. “For winter nails, (this can mean colors) with deep, vibrant and abstract designs.”

To help you get ready for your next salon appointment, we’ve rounded up 40 adorable winter nail designs that you’ll want to screenshot.

Swirls of winter blue

Naomi Yasuda

“I use blue a lot in the winter,” says Naomi Yasuda, a celebrity nail artist with Addiction Tokyo. “I don’t like the cold, but blue nails help me enjoy the snow and cold weather.” To create this look, Yasuda used Gel-X accessories, five shades of blue gel, Swarovski crystals, and 3D star decals.

Gold pearl tips


Metallic colors are great any time of year but they especially stand out in the winter. This look features asymmetrical gold glitter fringes embellished with pearls of different sizes.

Pearly whites

Paint box

“We love creating effects with glitter, chrome, and metallic flakes in Paintbox,” says Alva. The gorgeous effect we were able to recreate is a pearl-like finish that makes winter white nails even more fun.”

Glitter swirls


Swirls on a nude and transparent base are one of the simplest ways to add eye-catching interest to a nail look. This design features a shiny 3D silver finish.

Sparkling half moon

com. gossipandgloss

An icy blue polish is paired with a sparkling silver half-moon for a simple yet adorable winter nail design.

Gilded and golden


Make a big statement with minimal effort by painting your bare nails with a shiny gold polish. This look is done on long coffin nails.

Hot pink knit


Winter nails no Owns It should be done in muted colors. This fuchsia look is seasonally seasonable thanks to the use of a knit fabric.

Star forest


The night sky filled with snow and stars is a perfect scene for a wonderful winter landscape design. Notice how the art remains similar on each nail, except for a few small celestial details.

Star nails

Naomi Yasuda

“To create this look, I used a milky white base and added opaque white stars on top,” Yasuda says. “The design is simple, but using the same color with different degrees of opacity adds depth to the design.” The professional used crystals and a mix of silver and milky white gel polishes for this design.

winter rhinestone

com. fleuryrosenails

This charming look uses a combination of white snowflakes with pink and silver rhinestones for a festive and sparkling design.

French ballet dancer


A simple design with clean lines can go a long way. This look takes the traditional French tip to the next level by adding a gold accent along the smile line with another curved line below, making each nail look like a ballet slipper.

snow Queen

com. fleuryrosenails

Silver and blue glitter accents come together to create an iridescent snowy nail look. Thick swirls of color create movement as if the wind were blowing snow from one nail to another.

Burgundy snowflakes


White and burgundy are the main colors in this look. The burgundy nails are decorated with white snowflakes and sparkles, while the white nails have a shiny finish.

Snowflakes that catch the light


While fine glitter creates a more sparkly effect, you can use larger flakes of glitter for a more reflective effect. This look features iridescent flakes of glitter topped with snowflakes.

Penguin accents


For a super cute look, decorate one of your nails with a pop art penguin. To keep the look more subtle, the penguin is only applied to one finger of each hand, while the other nails get a shiny gradient.

Lilac sky


Fuzzy lilac tips are used as a base for this cool look. It features white clouds and stars, creating an ethereal winter sky.

Golden tips

com. gossipandgloss

A clear pearl polish serves as the base for this French look. The tips are made of reflective gold chrome, creating a high polish finish.

Milky white


These milky white nails are the perfect polish for winter. The color is off-white, making it similar to freshly fallen snow.

Snow sparkles falling

com. gossipandgloss

Beautiful blue, white and silver create a cohesive color palette for this mixed design. The various nails feature blue tips, snowflakes, and a chunky silver glitter gradient.

Weather jacket


Deep green was used to create this complex, cohesive look. The pattern is painted on a clear base, keeping the design light and airy.

Minimum chome


We’ve been rocking chrome all year long thanks to Beyoncé, but the color is especially stunning in the winter. This design uses silver chrome powder on 3D designs for a clean and maximum look.


Naomi Yasuda

Take a different approach to icy nails by piling your manicure with large gemstones. Decorated with silver, gold and onyx stickers, this nail is full of colour, texture and dimension.

Silver glitter bow


This look is kept simple with a beautiful nude base highlighted only by a silver bow that follows the smile line of the nail. It is a very simple alternative to the French tip design.

Snow Tips


Different shades of blue and white were used to create this winter nail design. Both square nails feature a clean tip and snowflakes in the same shade.

Black winter


Get the dark color with your winter nail designs by incorporating black. This design features French tips, solid nails, and snowflakes in shiny black and silver.

Winter wonderland


Although only white polish is used, each nail has an intricate design thanks to the use of texture. Pearls, 3D polish and line art adorn this winter wonderland-inspired look.

Milky bling

com. gossipandgloss

Spruce up your milky nails by adding a few rhinestones. They basically make the equivalent of fine diamond jewelry.

Comfortable tweed


Tweed is a winter fashion staple, so incorporating it into your nail look creates a very cozy vibe. This design features a combination of brown, white and gold plating combined with gold metal and crystal stickers for an elegant effect.

White swirls


White swirls on a sheer nude base create a simple yet stunning winter nail design.

Simple silver sliver

com. gossipandgloss

This look also keeps it simple with its opaque, nude base. Each hand is decorated with just two nails in a thin shiny silver line, adding a touch of decoration.

Mineral winter


Matte white pairs beautifully with silver shimmer in this winter look. While some nails are solid silver glitter, others use snowflakes, dots and swirls to create a textured and varied look.

Festive neutrals


You can never go wrong with neutral colors, especially if you want a design-heavy look that isn’t too loud. This look uses beige paint as a base for plaid, distressed, and textured designs. Consider adding a single sparkly nail for an unexpected touch.

Black French


The black French tips are topped with silver crystals to create an elegant and glamorous look for winter.

Winter pink


Keep your winter nails looking beautiful by incorporating pink. Blush and white polishes are used to create this mixed design that features plaid, snowflake and textured designs.

Matte jacket


Add another element to a cohesive look by covering it with a clear, matte finish. This creates a velvety, comfortable, winter-ready finish.

Blue and gold


Blue and gold are the stars of this look that features some white snowflakes. It’s festive and statement making.

Winter blue


Light blue, silver and glitter create this winter nail look. The silver and glitter color is only used on two nails on each hand, keeping the look fairly simple.

Comfortable jacket


Keep your winter look warm with shades like this rich brick red. Textured cream paint was used to create knitted and snowflake designs, adding even more personality to this look.

Blue chrome


Deep blue chrome is a great way to emulate a winter vibe without being too literal. With a snowflake on the horizon, this look is perfect for this time of year.

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