An elementary school and boarding home for black women workers are among four Wayne County sites added to the National Register of Historic Places this summer.

The Samuel D. Holcomb School on the northwest side of Detroit, the Francis Harper Inn on the north end of Detroit and the First Congregational Church of Wyandotte were added to the registry in July. Immaculata High School and Convent on Detroit’s west side was added on August 1.

The Samuel D. Holcomb School opened in 1926. It is named after Dr. Samuel Drayton Holcomb, who was one of the first physicians to practice in Redford Township. The school was a single-storey 13-room building that housed a library and kindergarten while offering vocational and “domestic arts” courses to the community. Although Holcomb was constructed by the Redford Union School District, it became part of the Detroit Public Schools system shortly after it opened in 1926. It served as an elementary school for more than 80 years, but when Detroiters began to move out of town, it began Holcomb lost students, and DPS Schools closed the school in 2010.

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