35 Best DIY Vertical Garden Ideas, Systems, and Designs for 2023

35 Best DIY Vertical Garden Ideas, Systems, and Designs for 2023

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Recycled vertical planters

Vertical garden ideas recycled planters
Ondakarakula Photography//Getty Images

Believe it or not, you can easily reuse trash cans as planters to decorate a wall or fence. All it takes is rope or twine. If you want to improve the appearance, paint it a dark color.


DIY vertical plant stand

DIY plant wall vertical garden ideas
Angela Marie made

Hanging potted planters

Patterned Vertical Garden Ideas Hanging Planters
Brian Woodcock

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Recycled wood pallet

Vertical garden ideas on a wooden wall
Mr. Akawat/EyeEm

There is beauty in simplicity. For this design, use hanging cup holders as planters and arrange them in a fun pattern on a wooden stand.

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Pending diamond growers

Vertical garden ideas diamond planters
It is based61//Getty Images

This idea is perfect for small succulents or air plants. It’s an easy way to hang your plants in any part of the room, without taking up too much space.

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DIY wooden box wall planter

Vertical garden ideas wooden box rack
It is based61//Getty Images

Amateur crafters can make their own planters using small pieces of wood. Create a base to rest the plant on and then mount your creation on a fence or wall.

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Outstanding globe growers

Vertical garden ideas globe planters
Harish Sahrawat/EyeEm//Getty Images

Perfect for displaying live and artificial plants in your space, this hanging plant features a simple and elegant design. Display an array in one section of a room or hang it from the ceiling of a balcony.

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Asymmetrical fence garden

Vertical garden ideas planters on fence
Photos by Peter Zelle//Getty Images

Try to use the same color and size planters for your flowers. Install them on your fence in an asymmetrical pattern. For a neater design, use a variety of the same flowers.


Hanging water bottle planters

Vertical garden ideas painted planters
Pictures of the area

Don’t throw away empty bottles or cardboard boxes yet. Open the bottom to place your plant and paint faces on the front of the bottle. Use rope to hang it anywhere in your indoor or outdoor space.

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Garden shoe organizer

Vertical garden ideas garden shoe organizer
Buff Strickland

Reuse an old shoe organizer as a planter. Hang them on a fence or wall, and fill the compartments with dirt to display ferns, vines and other forms of greenery.

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Succulent shutters

Vertical garden ideas succulent shutters
Leila B Design/Sophie de Lignerol

Use new or purchased shutters to showcase your greenery. Place them on the wall and fill the holes with moss or succulents.

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Vertical bottle planters

Vertical garden ideas water bottle planter
WYSIWYG / 500px//Getty Images

After painting, cut off the front of the bottle. Place your soil inside with your plant. Make small holes in the bottom for drainage. Use rope or twine to place your new planters vertically on a post, stick or fence.

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Raised flower beds

Vertical garden ideas raised flower beds
Inspired by magic

Plant wall

Vertical garden ideas plant wall garden
Jordan Lay//Getty Images

An indoor or outdoor plant wall makes a great decorative touch. They’re especially perfect if you don’t have the floor space for greenery or have empty walls to fill.


Green wall lattice

Vertical garden ideas lattice green wall

Instead of letting your plants take over an entire wall, create a geometric pattern for a unique look. Wrap the chrome around the wire and use the hooks to keep the wire properly positioned.

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Vertical herb garden

Vertical garden ideas vertical herb garden
Beautiful mess

Hanging mason jar planters

Vertical Garden Ideas - Hanging Garden - Mason Jar

Transform empty, old mason jars into picture-perfect hanging planters. Attach them to roof rafters with rope, making sure they are securely fastened around the mason jars to prevent them from falling.


Stacked recycled tires

Vertical garden ideas Stacked recycled car tires
Simon McGill//Getty Images

Turn tires into colorful flower pots for your garden. First, spray it with your favorite color. Then use the cardboard as a base to prevent the soil from spilling and plant the flowers inside it. Lay them on top of each other for a layered look.

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Wall planters from plastic drainage pipes

Ideas for vertical garden wall planters from plastic drainage pipes
com. mtreasure//Getty Images

Connect the plastic drain pipes together in the pattern you want. Fill the holes with potting mix and plant the greenery upwards. Be sure to drill small holes below the planting holes to aid drainage.

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Vertical cheese graters

Vertical Garden Ideas - Cheese Grater Planters
Vania Cvetanovich//Getty Images

If you think a cheese grater is only for the kitchen, think again. Wire can be used to attach a cheese grater to a wooden beam or pole. After adding soil and flowers, your vertical garden is complete. The holes in the grater also help with drainage.

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