2023 Best Modern Gifts for Pets + Pet Lovers

2023 Best Modern Gifts for Pets + Pet Lovers

They are our best friends, confidants, and daily companions. Pets are family, and they definitely deserve a place on your gift list this year and everyone to come. (Although those of us in the know realize that every day is Pet Day!) Whether you’re a cat lover or a dog lover, we’ve tracked down 20 of the best modern pet gifts available for your favorite furry friends. There’s even some stuff for the pet parents in your life!

A white cat playing with a large scratching ball that looks like a tangerine

Any cute pet toy is welcome in our home, and we love this fun, bright citrus-colored scratch ball! Luxurious jute is so irresistible to cats, they can’t resist sinking their claws into it – which is great, because we wouldn’t want them doing that to our living room furniture. Designed to withstand hours and hours of play, the Tangerine Scratch Ball is durable, made using non-toxic dyes, and helps keep the nails of cats of all ages healthy.

Two fair-skinned hands pour peanut butter into a large, light blue dog toy

This modular interlocking puzzle toy will keep your dog entertained as they fetch and chew, while also keeping their instincts sharp. The game’s format allows the pieces to be joined together or enjoyed individually – and the puzzle possibilities will keep them guessing! Fill the open ends with their favorite treats (customers call it better than Kong!), and you can even freeze them for longer play. Natural rubber provides maximum durability and minimal health risks, as well as easy cleaning. An armadillo would be ideal for pets who suffer from anxiety.

Light gray large pet bed with gray cat

If your cats are anything like mine, there’s nothing like finding a good place to lie down first. This comfortable and warm Vevo cat bed ticks all the boxes when it comes to cat comfort. Made from silky velvet material, it can be transformed into endless shapes to keep you warm and secure. The knotted fabric of the bed helps your cat relax and massage his bumps while she rests. Vevo is recommended for cats weighing up to 20 pounds.

A big brown dog is wearing a brown puffy jacket

Is your dog’s wardrobe more stylish than yours? Then I’m sure you (and your pup) will appreciate the addition of this puffer jacket that uses an alternative plant-based filling as temperatures continue to drop. Arabella is lightweight and designed to give your pet superior range of motion while effortlessly keeping them cool. Fashionable and luxurious, it will keep Fido warm, cozy and cozy no matter where you venture outside next.

Two brown and white cats playing with a circular cardboard accordion toy

Keep your cat more occupied and distracted with this high quality corrugated paper toy that is not easy to deform. Designed for scratching, playing and relaxing, the CatCordion can be transformed into four fun and attention-grabbing shapes. Includes racing rattle ball for active play!

A clear and black bottle next to a smaller white and black bottle

Being a pet owner doesn’t just mean cheesy kisses and unconditional love, it can also come with unpleasant smells. Barcos Natural Enzymatic Deodorizing Soft Mist is designed to neutralize your pup’s fur while moisturizing it. Choose from unscented, earthy, and floral concentrates. The well-designed bottle features a smooth, reusable, airless trigger action and includes 360-degree application – you can even turn it upside down to shoot. everyone Stains.

A dark gray cat prepares to jump off a padded wooden wall bench

It’s a fact: high places make cats feel safe. (Although we’re sure they also enjoy looking at us, literally and figuratively!) This wall-mounted cat perch is constructed using a molded plywood frame and a foam cushion wrapped in either tweed or Pendleton wool. Real natural wood veneer, available in walnut, oak and teak, is hand-sanded and painted with a high-performance satin lacquer. The perch mounts to the wall with a screwless appearance, so it won’t ruin your home decor anytime soon.

The French Bulldog stands in front of a silent array of food and water bowls with mats

This bowl and mat set has more to offer than you can imagine. Although it doesn’t make you compromise on aesthetics, the QuickDry Bowl’s base—made from diatomite earth and a BPA-free silicone mat—is busy absorbing spills instantly to keep your floors clean and dry. It also prevents the growth of mold and bacteria and is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and antimicrobial. Small grooves help keep the dishwasher and microwave-safe ceramic bowls in place. The instant dry mat doesn’t need to be washed – just make sure it dries between uses.

Gray conical pet bed

What furry little guy or girl wouldn’t love to hide, play and snooze in this hooded pet bed?! Lightweight and covered in gray polyester felt, its cone shape is simple and ready to blend in with the rest of your decor. Your pet enters through an arched entrance, leading to an interior with a removable striped pad that provides extra padding. Best of all? You can also roll it up and take it on the go – super easy.

Calico cat eating from white automatic feeder

If you find your furry family member waking you up before the sun for breakfast, the Feeder-Robot will benefit both of you. Your cat or dog will never miss a mealtime, and you’ll get more sleep before the alarm goes off, as it inevitably will. With portion-controlled meal schedules done through the app or unit, anti-jam technology, and the ability to hold up to 32 cups of dry food, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Brown dog with big ears design colorful belt

If your dog is climbing the social ladder at the dog park – or has a desire to elegantly stroll around the neighborhood in fashionable style – LUNGE’s harness is one of the accessories he needs. Made in Brazil using 100% Nappa leather lined for everyday comfort, the Brooklyn-designed vest is available in multiple sizes and four colors.

Orange and white cat sitting behind a raised glass food/water bowl

For the fancy cat in your life, this hand-cut glass bowl is unique and multi-functional. The tall upper bowl holds food, while the smaller lower bowl can hold water or snacks. The wide, sturdy base with a non-slip edge and mat helps prevent the bowl from being pushed or tipped over. Made of real crystal glass, the material prevents bacteria, is safe for pets and easy to clean. The overall design puts it in a more comfortable eating position, and works especially well for cats with a flat face and to prevent whisker fatigue.

A modern dog house shaped like a real house

Do you want your pet’s home to look as modern as your own? This simple pet house is clearly inspired by Scandinavian design, giving them a cozy and private place with plenty of light and airflow. The included natural cotton-covered pillow is filled with antimicrobial microfiber and ready to keep them warm when it’s cold and cool when it gets hot.

A dark gray long-haired cat reacts to a modern wooden slow feeder

There are few things that can make you jump faster than a cat about to get sick, and often times it’s simply because it ate breakfast too quickly. This slow feeder speeds up the eating process, helps cats unleash their hunting instincts, and serves as entertainment. It is also divided into two pieces: a wooden stand for the small and large bowls available. The slow feeder is handcrafted using high quality plywood and 100% natural vegetable oil – all animal, child and food safe.

Drawing of a dirty dog

Artist Valeria David creates these beautiful sketches under the name May Contain Mutts. Don’t worry if Otto isn’t what you have in mind, as there are a large number of strains and blends to choose from, as well as print sizes. Digitally printed in the UK, this special print measures 5 x 7 inches. Once framed in Obeche solid wood with a choice of lemon wax or matte black finish, the artwork measures 15.25 x 13.25 inches. No dog lover can resist these faces!

A white and gray long-haired cat looks at a light green round cat toy presented to her in an ice cream cone

While this cat seems a little skeptical, he’ll likely spring into action as soon as the M2 ice cream ball gets going! Made from premium silicone, the toy features bright, color-changing LED lighting, a play and rest cycle, three interaction modes, automatic obstacle avoidance, and a long battery life for plenty of uninterrupted playtime. Each color choice represents a different ice cream flavor: raspberry, raspberry, and matcha!

A brown dog sits on a large green and white checkered dog bed

We own and love the black and white Fritz bed, and can vouch for its comfort and style. (So ​​much so that I wouldn’t be shy about using it as a floor cushion for extra seating for guests!) The bed is durable, waterproof and scratch-resistant, and is made from 100% recycled PET bottles while the inner cushion uses recycled PET cotton. The cover is a machine-washable recycled fabric that will stand up to your pup’s pre-nesting naps. The bed is currently available in one size of 35″ x 25″.

An orange cat scratches on a long, light gray wrapped scratching board

If your feline friend loves changing up their scratching positions, a tab scratch pad is a great gift. Simple in design while remaining sturdy, it can be placed horizontally, placed on the wall at a slope, or mounted vertically with the Tab Wall Mount. If you decide to go with the latter, know that the plate covers the entire stand for a clean look and can be removed in seconds for use on the floor.

Black French Bulldog plays with a green ball containing frozen treats

For the dog who loves ice cubes, there’s The Pupsicle. Available in three sizes, simply freeze the treats in advance to place inside and keep your pup occupied for up to 40 minutes. There’s no drool to clean up once they’re done, and no splinters they can accidentally choke on while they’re busy enjoying their frozen treats. The Pupsicle is also easy to clean – which is a bonus.

Mid-century modern print of little orange cat heads in a stylish space

For those of us who love orange cats and mid-century modern design, this poster is a must-have. Featuring row upon row of simple orange cat faces with unique expressions, it will brighten up any space it is placed in. High quality printing and thick, matte archival paper ensures a durable, long-lasting art print. Now, which one is your favorite?

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