15 things interior designers are buying on Cyber ​​Monday 2023

15 things interior designers are buying on Cyber ​​Monday 2023

When there’s a big savings event, one of our favorite things to do is have interior designers pick their brains over what to buy while it’s on sale. After all, it’s literally their job to figure out how to turn a house into a home through decor, so trusting their opinions is a no-brainer. Since Cyber ​​Monday is the last chance to find huge sales before the holidays, we wasted no time asking the pros for their insights, and their answers served as the perfect cheat sheet for shopping on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

From gorgeous faux leather sofas to beautiful floor-length curtains, and other cozy finds, you can save up to TK percent with these home decor picks, straight from the pros. Take a page from their (coffee table) book, and shop 15 designer-approved homes, below, with prices starting at $23.

Shop for designer-approved home decor picks through Cyber ​​Monday

  • Esschert Design Three-Piece Clay Round Pots Set, $38 (was $65)
  • NSdirect 36-Inch Round Rustic Coffee Table, $150 with coupon (price was $160)
  • Hifit Mid-Century Modern Sofa, $300 with coupon (was $360)
  • Aoceley 2-Piece Cordless LED Table Lamps, $63 (was $90)
  • 2-Piece Faux Linen Curtains, $117 with coupon (was $123)
  • Tribesigns Modern White 4-Drawer Dresser, $170 with coupon (was $180)
  • Natural jute area rug from Gautam International, $52 with coupon (was $70)
  • Aboxoo 5-Tier Wall-Mounted Bookshelf, $84 (was $110)
  • AtzyMolin Gold Polished Wooden Serving Tray, $29 (was $37)
  • “Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style” $72 (was $125)

Echert Design 3-Piece Round Clay Bowl Set


Whether used indoors or outdoors, the Echert Design Long Life Round Terracotta Pot Set adds a natural, organic touch that works year-round, no matter where you live. Each bowl is made of ancient clay, and the trio includes one 4.1 x 4.7 inch bowl, one 5.3 x 5.7 inch bowl, and one 6.3 x 6.7 inch bowl.

“We love things designed in odd numbers and different sizes, which makes this terracotta pots the perfect set,” says Jaime Zinner, founder and principal designer of Newport Beach, California-based JZ Interiors. “We don’t mind seeing them with small pieces of boxwood, nested in the entryway whether in the house or on the front porch.”

NS Direct 36″ Round Rustic Coffee Table


The NSdirect 36 Inch Round Rustic Coffee Table is a space saver that’s both gorgeous and functional. A furniture staple in interior designer Cait Pappas’ living room, the 36-by-18-inch table is two levels, making a great use of space.

“The two-tier design allows you to create decorative bowls or lidded boxes, or to store remote controls when not in use, while the top tier would look great with two or three coffee table books stacked, and a gorgeous vase with some books.” “Fresh flowers or faux stems, a decorative object to start a conversation or a framed photo,” Pappas explains.

Hifit mid century modern sofa sofa


Living room furniture can be expensive — especially sofas — but Pappas highly recommends the Hifit Mid-Century Modern Sofa, which you can also find in Pappas’ living room. Not only is it reasonably priced at the regular level, but it has an extra $60 coupon right now, making it the perfect time to pass on it for less.

“This sofa has modern lines, but exudes warmth with its rustic faux leather upholstery and walnut legs,” says Pappas. “It would look great against creamy white walls, with some beautiful plants and natural textures like reed, jute or rattan.”

“For a pop of color, complement this tone with deep turquoise or olive green, whether in pillows, artwork, or an area rug,” adds Pappas.

Aoceley 2-Pack Wireless LED Table Lamps


In a sea of ​​mixed metals, Zenner recommends breaking away from the crowd a bit, and trying a matte brown hue in the form of the Aoceley Two-Piece Wireless Table Lamps. Although it can be used indoors on a side table or nightstand, Zehner likes to use it outside as well, since it’s cordless.

“I own these products for myself, and every time I have a dinner party, I think I sell a couple just because people personally like them,” Zinner says.

Two-panel faux linen curtains


TwoPages Faux Linen Curtains are Papas’ “all-time favorite curtains.” “We ordered some and hung them in our living room, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with them.”

Available in 38 color options, Pappas has it in taupe, describing it as “moody and warm,” while adding that it “has a lot of weight to it, feels like nice linen, and the privacy lining still lets in great sunlight.” “.

“It’s a beautiful warm neutral color that doesn’t overpower the space, but definitely changes the ambiance in the most inviting way,” Pappas explains.

Tribesigns modern white wardrobe with four drawers


The Tribesigns Modern White 4-Drawer Dresser is available now for $10 off the original price, and it’s versatile enough for a guest bedroom, a primary bedroom, or, according to Pappas, even a toddler’s room.

“There’s something about raised details that define the face of the drawers,” says Pappas. “I just love this for a nursery or a little girls’ room.”

The armoire, which Pappas also calls “elegant and cute,” measures 6.7 inches x 33.5 inches x 39.37 inches and features gold handles and ornate legs with a shiny gold bottom cover.

Jcld&Yo9 Hand Woven Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets


Jcld&Yo9 Collapsible Hand Woven Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets combine interior design aesthetics with home organization functionality. Which is exactly why Pappas has been looking forward to this four-piece collection forever.

“I saved them in my cart for a while longer so I could place the order quickly once we were all done with my son’s new closet organization plan,” Pappas explains, adding that they “fit perfectly into the 13-inch-square cubes” for added organization.

Natural jute scalloped area rug by Gautam International


“I ordered this cute scalloped edge runner for our mudroom, and it goes with everything the kids have brought so far,” says Pappas.

The Guatam International Natural Shell Jute Area Rug is available in over 21 size options, from entryway rug to full-size area rug. It’s handcrafted from natural jute, features a fun and attractive scalloped pattern, and its thick, braided texture is durable enough to handle anything thrown its way.

“When I found it on Amazon, I instantly stumbled upon it,” Pappas adds. “It is the most frequently asked product in our mud room to date.”

Aboxoo 5-Tier Wall Mounted Bookshelf Set


A ladder bookshelf is an easy and affordable way to create a library look at home, and the Aboxo Five-Tier Wall Mounted Bookshelf comes with two for under $85 right now.

“These things were a lifesaver during the last client project I had the opportunity to work on,” Pappas says. “I ordered similar wall-mounted shelves, but their shipping was delayed. I noticed these products and not only did they look exactly the same, but they also shipped quickly and at a much lower cost, which opened up some room in my budget for shelf styling products.”

Keershop Three Piece Solid Wood Home Decor Set


Speaking of shelf styling products, the Keershop Three-Piece Solid Wood Home Decor Set is the perfect ornament for such a design. Each arch is made of wood and has a natural, organic finish that pairs well with most aesthetics from clean, simple lines to modern country style.

“Decorative objects seem frivolous to some, but I subscribe to the idea that sometimes a space needs a certain shape, tone or texture to create a sense of balance,” Pappas explains. “With their natural tones and soft curves, these wood brackets help soften and warm up the otherwise hard, cold, industrial space. They also add just the right amount of height to balance the leaning books on the other side of the shelf.”

AtzyMolin Gold Polished Wooden Serving Tray


At the lowest price it has been in the past 30 days, the AtzyMolin Gold Polished Wooden Serving Tray works great as both an eye-catching decor piece and a useful serving tray.

“This tray has a sleek, laminated leather look, with a silky feel. “It reminds me of wood without the price of wood,” says Pappas, referring to an elegant material traditionally made from shark or stingray skin. “You can serve breakfast in bed,” says Pappas, referring to an elegant material traditionally made from shark or stingray skin. Or place it on a round ottoman with a vase or a candle and some cute books.”

Motanko white ceramic vase


“Artisanal stoneware is having a moment right now, especially vases and jugs with large handles like this one,” Pappas says of the Motanko white ceramic vase, which is now 40 percent off. “If you’re not ready to search the antique mall or thrift store, save time and order this beautiful vase.”

Emme 100% cotton muslin throw blanket


Made from super soft and lightweight cotton muslin, the Emme Blanket is 100% cotton muslin – which this shopping writer owns, by the way! – Available in four or six layer options, and over 10 colors.

“I love throwing muslin for several reasons,” Pappas says. “I like to layer clothes at night, but I don’t like getting too hot.” Pappas makes this bed as an extra layer “between the sheets and the duvet” to achieve “the right amount of weight while still being breathable.”

It doesn’t trap heat, Pappas explains, but aesthetically it gives the bed a “clean, textured finish” or a “cozy, layered look” depending on whether you prefer to drape it or straddle the bed. framework.

Woho set of four amber candles


Woho’s set of four amber candles may give off vintage, nostalgic vibes at first glance, but they also hold a pretty cool secret, according to Pappas.

“Note that these are reversible,” Pappas explains. “In one way, they carry votive candles and tealights, and in another way, they carry long taper candles.”

“Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style”


It’s no secret that the hardcover coffee table book “Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style” tops almost every interior designer’s list, but this 42 percent off deal proves that Cyber ​​Monday is actually the perfect time to add it to your cart.

“This is one of those books that makes a great gift and is great for designing any space,” Zinner explains, adding that the JZ Interiors team “uses these books in many of our projects.”

You can now get it for $53 off, which is the best price we’ve seen all of the past year.

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