15 small kitchen ideas to suit all tastes and budgets

15 small kitchen ideas to suit all tastes and budgets

Woman eating in a small kitchen.

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A small kitchen is usually a practical solution to take advantage of even the smallest spaces, but large rooms can benefit from the small kitchen concept as well. In any sized space, built-in appliances and vertical storage keep items neat and organized. Adding stylish touches, like a bright backsplash, marble countertops, and a chandelier, is a great way to make a smaller space more inviting.

Bob Thomas, interior designer and CEO of UK-based Hearth and Petals, says some of the first elements he looks for when designing small kitchens are storage, clean finishes and lighting options. “Proper task and ambient lighting is critical in a small space,” he says.

Are you considering installing a small basement kitchen in your entertainment room, or adding a kitchenette to your pool house or in-laws suite? Whatever your style or budget, these ideas will help you customize your food preparation space.

Bold colours

Small kitchen with yellow wall.

Photo: Bob Thomas at Hearthandpetals.com

Color is very important in a small kitchen, says Thomas. “Bright colors create energy and character in a small space. “They keep the design from feeling boring or claustrophobic,” he says. Here, bright wallpaper draws the eye and colorful tones keep visual interest wandering to appreciate all aspects of this small kitchen and dining space. the food.

Airy and rustic

Small country kitchen with striped fabric.

Photo: istockphoto.com

This small kitchen is a breath of fresh air that fits comfortably into a small multifunctional room. Striped fabrics, wood floors and bright accents create a nautical feel and tie all the different functions together. In a small kitchen that lacks natural light, bright white walls help create a daylight feel when paired with strategically placed lighting.

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Rich and elegant

Small kitchen with green tiles and black cabinets.

Photo: istockphoto.com

A small kitchen is often associated with an attractive and comfortable space, but not all of them are farmhouse-ready. Small kitchens can be luxurious too, well-suited to lavish, elevated living. In this residence, peacock-colored tiles line the backsplash above a white countertop, adding a nice pop of color in contrast to the dark wood cabinetry.

Elegant and glassy

Small kitchen with glass cabinets.

Photo: litfad.com

To make the space feel larger, Thomas recommends choosing smooth, reflective surfaces in your small kitchen. “Reflective surfaces like glass-front cabinets or glass-back mosaics brighten the space,” says Thomas. If customizing cabinetry and appliances isn’t possible, decorate them with mirrors to bring in light and achieve the same effect.

Clean and simple

Small corner kitchen with wooden table tops.

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Even a small kitchen can look open and inviting. White walls and breezy white subway tiles are what create a welcoming and refreshing space. Black accessories and fixtures combined with light-coloured wooden accessories and countertops give this small kitchen a combination of modern and rustic design.

The basement is bright

Small kitchen in the basement with green tiles

Photo: istockphoto.com

A finished basement is a great place to put a sink, some smaller appliances, and counter space. This small basement kitchen has all the fixings for entertaining a small group of guests. Along with the brightness of the rest of the space, the area features wooden cabinets and open shelving, which pair nicely with the shimmering subway tile in different shades of green.

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Floating island

Sage green wood kitchen island in a small white kitchen.

Image: Amazon.com

The kitchen can be an attractive space with or without luxury touches. For the host who likes to be surrounded by the party, install an island that provides space for family and guests to crowd the area without getting in the chef’s way. This option includes dark cabinets to ground the space within the sea of ​​white that surrounds it from floor to ceiling.

Bio beauty

Small kitchen with plants.

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Don’t be afraid to bring the natural world into your kitchen space. “Hanging fresh plants or herbs on your countertop adds life,” says Thomas. Intentional additions of greenery, like a small herb garden near your window or pothos above your cabinets, add texture and dimension to a space, making it feel warmer and more welcoming to guests.

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Scandinavian style

Small kitchen in Scandinavian style in white.

Photo: istockphoto.com

Small kitchen ideas like these provide ways to create a comfortable and functional kitchen in a small space. This small kitchen uses the length of the room and adds a small dining table. Although it may be lacking in width, the long worktop allows enough prep and cooking space to the left, and plenty of dining space down the line. Scandinavian style combines warm, natural touches in a bright, clean area.

Elegant and elegant

Small kitchen with a small white island.

Photo: istockphoto.com

This adorable small kitchen concept exudes elegant style. The small kitchen design features a two-level waterfall island. The upper level of the bar allows people to stand at the bar while providing plenty of dining space, while the lower level on the other side allows the chef to prepare food and put on a show for guests.

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Open inventory

Small kitchen with yellow and red chairs.

Photo: Bob Thomas at Hearthandpetals.com

There’s no doubt that homeowners with small kitchens need to be smart and practical about storage, placing food essentials above cabinets and on open shelves. When deciding which pieces will go outdoors, remember that you’re making an aesthetic choice, too: Display some of your favorite plates and bowls, as shown in this kitchen space. Colorful bowls draw the eye to the top of the cabinets, making the room appear taller and larger. An open shelf near the window also serves as a display for dishes and pantry items that looks stylish and functional.

Boho Fresh

Small kitchen near the pink sofa.

Photo: istockphoto.com

Ground the interior of an open kitchen with special touches like a checkerboard floor. Other fun ways to add character to an area include decorating with a pop of color throughout the space, including an array of fresh plants. This apartment kitchen idea connects three important areas of the house: the dining room, the kitchen, and the living room.

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Kitschy and clean

Small kitchen with pink utensils.

Photo: istockphoto.com

A closer look at the small kitchen in the last slide shows that it is possible to add a few simple touches to small kitchen layouts without making them look disorganized and cluttered. White cabinetry and modern appliances create a clean look, while pastel pink pots, pans and planters give personality a chance to shine.

Double duty

Antique ivory kitchen cart holds plates, bowls and napkins.

Photo: Maverick Finds via Etsy.com

In small spaces, multi-functional pieces are key to maximizing space and function. Thomas says to look for elements like carts or peninsulas that can function as additional space or a dining area. Bonus if these pieces are mobile and can be easily moved to suit your needs. “Something like a storage cart can become a mobile kitchen island,” he says.

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Light it up

Small kitchen with window walls.

Photo: Bella.com

Good lighting opens up the space and can set the tone for a small, warm and cozy kitchen. Lighting should be a primary consideration when designing a tight space, Thomas says. “I’m always maximizing the possibilities of lighting,” he says. This small kitchen’s floor-to-ceiling window floods the room with natural light, and the modern pendant above the dining table is a smart addition to the ambient lighting once the sun goes down.

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