13 good and scary ideas for outdoor Halloween decorations

13 good and scary ideas for outdoor Halloween decorations

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Outdoor Halloween decor

Colorful pumpkins

Outdoor Halloween decor
Vanessa Sanchez

For those of you who want to add an eclectic look to your Halloween decor, you will love this offering. Vanessa Sanchez made the most of her large yard to enjoy her outdoor decor. “There is a local store that sells beautiful Mexican tiles and pottery. When I saw these pumpkins, I knew they were perfect for my Halloween porch. “I added natural elements, like mums and blooms, as well as a doormat and wreath to complete the look.”


Scary and weird

Black cat halloween decor
Gillian Hensel

If you love a spooky aesthetic when decorating for Halloween, this eerie corner idea is just what you need. Halloween queen Jillian Hensel chose traditional black and orange pieces to match the white furniture. “I made sure to use elements of different textures and heights to add depth,” she explains. “Playful black cats and greenery add charm to spooky pumpkins for a look that’s spooky enough to be fun but not scary.”


Speedy Sense

Spider decor for Halloween
Chelsea Hood

“I love fun, fun, and whimsical Halloween decorations that have just the right amount of spookiness and aren’t too scary,” says Chelsea Hood of House of Hood. For this porch display, she added square pillows, pumpkins, spiders on the wall, and an unexpected skeleton in the porch’s wooden column.

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Witch hour

Porch decor for halloween
Mark Yamamoto

Happy Nester member Janine White spares no restraint when decorating her front porch for Halloween. This display includes a handcrafted spider web, a collection of local pumpkins, and festive orange twinkle lights. “I used temporary Velcro and fishing line to hang black witch hats from the porch ceiling for a magical touch,” she adds.


Skeleton greeting

Spider web decoration for Halloween
Catherine Laing

Katrina Laing’s favorite holiday has always been Halloween. “It has always been a fundamental part of my life, since my childhood,” she explains. The waving pumpkin man reminds her of the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze in Sleepy Hollow, New York, which served as the main inspiration for her decor collection — complete with neon spider web and pendant lights.


Witch property

Witch Halloween decor
Kimari Schiffer

“Witches were brewing in my head when I saw these luminous, chatty ladies,” says Kimmarie Shafer of Graceful Home and Hound. To complete this look, she added a bubbling cauldron with a mixture of bats and crows killed. I made sure everyone who entered knew to be careful, as the sign said.

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Flashing lights

Sparkling outdoor Halloween decor
Courtesy of Balsam Hill

Adding twinkle lights around spooky decorations, as Balsam Hill did on this front porch, can lighten the mood and give your porch a more cozy feel. We especially love the branch accents throughout, which give it a rustic look.


Jack O’Lanterns smiles

A door decorated for Halloween in the Garden District of New Orleans
Photography by Haneke Luigting//Getty Images

Using reusable lanterns as pots is the easiest way to spruce up your front porch. Paired with spider webs along the rail staircase, these yellow mums create a welcoming entrance. For the finishing touch, there’s an oversized spider on the door that wraps everything together.


Grab the spider

Spider decor for Halloween
Laura Salter

For Laura Salter, Halloween decor is always go big or go home. “Our theme was spiders and skeletons for this look,” she explains. “We wanted to make the front of the house look like it was crawling with spiders — on the porch, railings, planters, etc.” She adds that the skeletons seemed like a natural addition, as did a variety of mums and pumpkins for color.

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Floating candles

Halloween checkered rug decor
Mark Yamamoto

If you love the movies with Harry Potter floating candles, you’ll want to try this easy DIY project. Janine White from Happy Nester has discovered a simple way to make these creepy candles hover from the ceiling. This effect is perfect for this season, and will make your balcony look mysterious and magical in equal measure.


Charming show

Enchanting Halloween decor
Courtesy Balsam Hill

Creating any type of silhouette will give a spooky look to your front porch and fill the space with ease. This silhouette of the witch with her bowl and cat captures a larger-than-life shadow in the background. Enter if you dare!


Hello chilling

Vintage Halloween decor
Carly Jordan

Home décor expert Carly Jordan loves incorporating fall touches into her Halloween decor. Although they can look very similar, adding a waving skeleton and warning sign to the front of your house will automatically give it a Halloween look. “Mixing and matching all kinds of things and creating a spooky miniature on your front porch is one of the best things to do for the season,” she says.

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Hidden skeleton

Halloween decorations, Gramercy Park, New York
Education pictures//Getty Images

Skeletons are a quick and easy addition to your bare porch! Placing a skeletal friend in the corner of your drawer with some pumpkins is the perfect solution for a cute and festive Halloween moment.

Shot by Sofia Quintero

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