12 tips for gorgeous, sustainable patio decor

12 tips for gorgeous, sustainable patio decor

Love Island got it right. Get some sustainable yard decorations for your own garden now!

Written by Diane Small

If, like me, you were glued to the set, watching Love Island (yes, it’s my guilty pleasure!) then you were probably also admiring the stunning gardens and patios enjoyed by these beautiful bachelors. It has features like charming string lights, plenty of potted plants, a fire pit, and plenty of comfy seating.

It got me thinking: How can I get that vibe in my outdoor space? And can I do it without spending a mint? Above all, how can I be sure that I have… continuous Yard decor?

Not all of us can be lucky enough to have Mallorcan foliage in our backyards, but we could actually benefit from some interior ideas from the popular TV show. Here, I’ve come up with 15 tips for getting great Love Island patio decor, but in a completely sustainable way.

12 tips for gorgeous, sustainable patio decor

Sustainable yard decor

1. Furnish first

If you’re going to be spending time outside, you’ll need somewhere to sit. I can’t think of a more sustainable place than this place Comfortable rattan chair.

This garden furniture is made by DrDurable, fast-growing rattan features weather-resistant seat and back cushions for optimal comfort while you lounge with friends and sip a cold drink.

price: $329

Sustainable yard decor

2. Now make it beautiful

What brings this patio furniture set together are the accessories: a great outdoor rug and some pillows.

These are recycled and Reversible throw rugs for indoor/outdoor use Proof that beauty and sustainability can intersect! Their intricate designs, inspired by traditional rugs, have a colorful and eco-friendly touch, as they are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, containers and packaging materials.

Each rug is a unique decorative addition, as each is finished by hand under conditions adhering to best fair trade and environmental practices. These rugs are perfect in any space where you want to add a little low maintenance, sustainable decor to the yard underfoot.

price: From $89

Sustainable yard decor

3. Keep it light

After the sun goes down, some mood lighting is a must for your sustainable patio decor.

These bright lights From Solar Buff Perfect for adding some ambiance to the evening and getting the sustainable patio design you’ve always dreamed of. It runs completely on solar power – simply charge it by keeping it outside! Then place them in your garden or patio at whatever strategic point you think is best: along the walkway, on tables, or you can even float in the pool!

But I couldn’t resist adding more cool lights!

the Solar Powered lace lanterns (at the bottom of the first photo) It can provide up to seven hours of light after charging in the sun, and looks absolutely stunning hung (and charged!) from tree branches during the day too.

price: $44

Sustainable yard decor

4. Increase the temperature

You know those heaters that fancy restaurants use when dining out? They are hell on the environment! The amount of energy they consume is completely off the charts, but if you want to stay warm on cold summer evenings, there is a solution!

A fire pit is a great, eco-friendly way to warm up your garden patio. You can make it yourself easily By following these instructionsOr you can buy a ready-made one like the one below, here.

It’s perfect for gathering with friends, or you can even cook on it!

price: Depends on size and material

Fire pit

5. Invite some wild animals

The best part of being outdoors is the plants and animals! So sustainable yard decor should include a nod to our beautiful feathered friends. Why not encourage some birds to visit your yard with a few bird feeders?

I love This, below, It is made from colored recycled glass. It is light and easy enough to hang almost anywhere.

price: About $45

Hummingbird feeding

6. Don’t go bankrupt

One of the greatest pleasures of summer is dining al fresco. But your usual china and glasses are risking their lives by going out and using acrylic, plastic, or worse, Styrofoam is a complete no-no if you’re at all environmentally conscious. Instead, use These plates and cups Made from bamboo, cornstarch and wood fibres. They have been beautifully painted by Dutch designer Femke Zwaan with a jungle theme.

Sustainable yard decor

7. Add a touch of zen

Bring tranquility to your sustainable yard design with this stone Buddha statue. It will exude a meditative and calm presence in any space, and will remind you to take a deep breath, slow down, and appreciate the beauty around you.

This statue It has a rubber base and hence can be brought indoors or kept outdoors in nature.

price: $39

Buddha statue

8. Plant it small, or plant it large

One of the most important elements of sustainable yard decor? the plants!

Even if you are surrounded by plants outside, that is Hand painted cement planter It will add a touch of green light in your space. In my opinion, small plant pots should contain something special: your favorite flowers or some herbs, for example. Please place this plant on the table as a conversation piece, or place it in your garden and let nature reclaim it to create the feel of a Roman or Greek ruin.

Is your garden reinforced or wood? Unfortunately! You need some green in there – isn’t that the whole point of a yard? If for whatever reason you can’t plant directly into the soil, the next best option is to purchase a supply of larger pots and get into the gardening!

price: $28

Sustainable yard decor

9. Play like a child

Leave your smartphone behind when you’re out and about and play with your friends and family instead! Bring the family together for a larger-than-life competition These oversized dominoes. It is handcrafted from sustainably sourced pine wood. Each set comes in a rustic canvas drawstring bag and includes 28 dominoes, from double blanks to double sixes.

price: About $79

Dominoes in the park

10. Remember the walls

A little outdoor wall decor goes a long way, and these macrame wall hangings are perfect for outdoors. Macrame is making a comeback, and that’s great news. It is environmentally friendly as it can be made from hemp, flax or organic cotton. They’re cheap, and a great way to display – yes, you guessed it – more plants!

Macrame plant holders They are flat, which means they look great when mounted on an exterior wall. But if you know how to do this craft, why not make it yourself?

price: $38

Sustainable yard decor

11. Swing it!

Here’s some macramé again for your sustainable yard decor. But this time in the form of A Comfortable and swaying hammock! Relaxing in this place is a great way to spend a summer day with an interesting book and a cold drink. If you have a wall support, you can even use it indoors. Pure happiness!

price: $148


12. Make sweet sounds

We thought about comfort. We took into account the visuals. But what about sound? Adding some nice sounds is a good thing Feng shuiAs sound vibrations create a type of energy that produces a physical and mental feeling of calm.

You can bring that positive energy into your sustainable yard decor with some recycled wine bottles Wind chimes, like this one below.

price: About $45

Wind chime

So, here’s everything you need to turn your home into a Love Island villa! Although we can’t promise sun or people, your garden will definitely feel transformed with these sustainable yard essentials.

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