10 ways to make your home look prettier

10 ways to make your home look prettier

despite of Sims 4 It’s a fairly intuitive game, and some aspects of its gameplay can be difficult to get into and even difficult to master. Building in particular is a game mode that requires hours of dedication for the player to feel even remotely comfortable using all the tools available in the game.

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However, don’t worry, because even an ordinary-looking house can be completely transformed into a wonderful home with a few simple tricks. These are simple solutions and won’t require a lot of knowledge about the build or building mode in general, making them easy to use for any player.

10 Use different styles

When looking at actual homes in real life, many of them tend not to have one color on every exterior wall. One of the best tricks in the game is to try to combine different textures, patterns and colors. The classic combination is to have darker stone or brick with lighter wood panels. This will brighten any home, regardless of style.

9 Roof work

Roofing is a very difficult task. When building a house, players should always create the roof with the roof in mind. If the roof doesn’t fit, it usually means that the entire structure has to be modified slightly, which can take a long time. Once the ceiling is finished, it must be plastered.

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There are plenty of chimneys and other decorations perfect for a roof, from small windows to flags to flowers. This works best on traditional building styles, rather than modern homes.

8 Corner columns

Building Sims

Posts and fences are often overlooked as useful for front porches and the like. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Using the bb.moveobjects trick, these columns can be placed anywhere and can even be hidden as part of a wall, making them excellent decor and statement pieces.

In traditional homes especially, using columns in the corners of the house can give it a nice rustic definition that brings the whole look together. While some wallpapers already do this, this is a neat trick.

7 Paint the terrain under the house

Anyone who has ever done away with Maxis construction has probably noticed that most of their homes have a band of dark paint underneath, which defines the look of the house. Although Maxis isn’t known for its cool houses, this is actually a cool trick to make the house look more realistic.

Once construction is complete, choose a dark terrain paint color and make light dots on the edge of the house, where the bottom of the wall connects to the ground.

6 Add paths

A house is not defined only by its walls and roof. Even the most impressive structure will look incomplete if its surroundings are dull. Therefore, tracks are the player’s best friend. They can be created with terrain paint for a softer, rustic look perfect for the garden or backyard.

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For a more defined and well-kept garden or park, paths can be created using the room tool, which also allows for fully curved paths. Just make sure to remove the walls eventually, and keep only the floors.

5 Paint terrain and plants

Earlier, it was highlighted that painting the terrain underneath houses is a trick used by Maxis to add some realism and depth to its builds. Likewise, this trick is also often seen in gardens in Maxis’ creations.

Using darker terrain paint, place some color under the plants to create the illusion of dirt and soil underneath. In real life, plants don’t grow on vibrant green grass but need brown soil to thrive, which is why these details make a big difference.

4 Choose a group of plants

When it comes to outdoor decor Sims 4, there aren’t a lot of plants available, even with all the stuff packs and expansions used. That’s why it can be tempting for players to spread as many different plants around their home as humanly possible.

But the truth is that this creates a huge amount of clutter and damages the image of the home. Try to narrow down your choice of garden plants and stick to them. Repetition is not a bad thing, as long as plants are added in moderation.

3 More objects

For players who find the lack of decorations and props to be an issue in the game, here’s a useful little cheat: bb.showhiddenobjects. This allows players to access career bonus items, but also some of the props that Maxis has used to decorate his world. Once the cheat is typed, these objects can be found by typing “debug” into the search bar in purchase mode.

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There are a range of plants and rocks in this section as well, which makes building the perfect garden much easier. Use the Resize tool by pressing Shift + (), to resize objects up or down.

2 Terrain varies

Thanks to the terrain tool, a fairly recent addition to the game, Simmers can now unleash his full creativity by not only drawing terrain but also changing its shape and height.

The tool can help build up hills and rocky mountains, which comes in handy when trying to create the illusion of a rustic mountain lodge or a luxury home nestled on a hillside.

1 Hide errors

Given how inconsistent a roof tool can sometimes be, it’s only natural that the construction won’t always look perfect. Fortunately, the variety of foliage and vines available are excellent for concealing these bugs in particular.

Likewise, grass can be used to hide hard edges between the house and the ground, even with terrain paint to create some depth. Don’t be afraid to use plants and decor as a way to hide these small imperfections!

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