🔎 Jacques I Andruet de Cerceau

🔎 Jacques I Andruet de Cerceau


Jack IHe is Andruet de Cerceau
Jacques I Andruet du Cerceau
an offer
birth About 1515
In Paris
death 1585
In Annecy
nationality France France
movement(s) Renaissance
activities) structural engineer (An architect is a construction professional whose job is to design and direct…)

Jack IHe is Andruet de Cerceau (Paris, ca. 1515 – Annecy 1585), French engraver and architect the second (The second is the feminine form of the second adjective that comes immediately after the first or that…) half sixteenH century, most famous for its engravingsbuilding (Architecture can be defined as the art of constructing buildings.) And its publications as well as its facilities. He is the father of the architects Baptiste Androuet de Cerceau and Jacques II Androuet de Cerceau, and grandfather of Jean Androuet de Cerceau and Salomon de Bruce (Salomon de Brosse (1571-1626) French architect, author notably of Palais…).

Personal Biography

Jacques Androuet de Cerceau’s origins are uncertain, both regarding his place and date of birth and the quality of his parents. Orléans and Le Mans could have been the cities of her birth but it seems so Paris (Paris is a French city, the capital of France, and the capital of the region…) This is the most logical hypothesis, and this was around 1515, and perhaps a little earlier. His nickname From the collar It will come in the form of a sign (circle) attached to it Maison (A house is a medium-sized building intended for family residence,…)As one of his contemporaries, La Croix du Maine, tells us. This type of ring sign signified pubs at the time. This element has sometimes led people to believe that he is the son of the owner of one of these companies.

Genealogy of Andruet de Cerceau

He published some books containing very important examples of decorations and works related to architecture, which would have a strong influence on French architects of the modern era. seventeenthH century and beyond. His most famous works undoubtedly remain The most wonderful temples in France He describes with precision and talent the major achievements of his architects temporary (Time is a concept that humans developed to understand…). His drawings, plans, elevations, details and captions are a unique testimony to the constructions, many of which no longer exist today, or have been largely remodeled over the centuries.

He was deeply influenced by his two trips to Italy where he had the opportunity to discover Palladio’s works.

After he grew older, he spent some time in Montargis where he stayed with Renée de France, Duchess of Montargis and Chartres, widow of the Duke of Ferrara, who welcomed him into his home. the palace (The castle is originally a medieval building dedicated to…) Many famous Huguenots including himself. He was going to renovate the (ruined) Montargis Castle that he described in his book The best buildings in France. He is especially credited in the choruschurch (Church can be:) Saint Madeleine Parish.

A Huguenot, to avoid persecution he approached the Duke of Nemours at Annecy, where he died around 1585.

Many historians attribute it, sometimes incorrectly, to James IHe is Andruet de Cerso has many accomplishments. The architect’s main work appears to have been his fine engravings and publications, although it is likely that he was also the author of the constructions. There is a certain confusion between the works Andruet de Cerceau That could be the reason.


  • Twenty-five examples of parentheses…Orleans, sn, 1549 (1).
  • An architectural book… containing plans and designs of fifty stalls, all different…Paris, age, 1559.
  • The Second Book of Architecture… contains many and varied requests for chimneys, dormers, doors, and fountains…Paris, André Vechel/Por Jacques Andruet de Cerceau, 1561.
  • A new book that includes many different fabrics from every request, old and modern…S, Sun, 1560.
  • Positive perspective lessonsParis, Mamert Pattisson, 1576. First edition of an impressively illustrated guide to perspective inthe use (Use is the act of using something.) Painters, sculptors and architects. This book about perspective was prepared during a break from Androit Circeau’s work The most wonderful temples in France. Some views of houses here are close to later illustrations by utensils. This book offers sixty lessons in the art of perspective, each… Lesson (Lesson is a term that has different meanings in teaching.) On increasingly difficult problems as an aid toartist (Anyone who practices a profession or activity is usually called an artist…) In constructing viewpoints. The lessons are clearly illustrated with a board for each lesson. The second edition appeared exactly a century (A century is now a period of one hundred years. The word comes from the Latin saeculum, i, which…) Later in 1676.
  • Volume I (II) of the best fences in FranceParis, Gilles Baez, 1576-1579.
  • The book of architecture…which contains various orders for the plans and heights of vaults…Paris, by Jacques Andruet de Cerceau, 1582.
  • A small treatise on the orders of the five columnsParis, by Jacques Andruet de Cerceau, 1583.
  • Book of ancient Roman buildingsS, Sun, 1584.

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