“What to build when everything collapses?”, the beginning of the answer with Nicolas Delon and Benoît Bonnemaison-Vet in Capdenac-Gard and Villefranche-du-Ruergue

“What to build when everything collapses?”, the beginning of the answer with Nicolas Delon and Benoît Bonnemaison-Vet in Capdenac-Gard and Villefranche-du-Ruergue

Originally from Villefranche-de-Rouergue, Nicolas Delon is a committed Parisian architect, but also a well-known speaker in the service of a more sober, just and above all joyful architecture.

Parisian architect Nicolas Delon is still from Villefranche-de-Rouergue. On November 16 and 17 in Capdenac-Gare and Villefranche, he will present his cartoon conference on habitability, programmed by Derrière Le Hublot. Meeting before Capdenac’s performance.

What is the theme of this cartoon conference?

The audience will discover a story: the story of an architect questioning his profession, and the necessary transformation in the face of climate issues and the collapse of life. Starting from a very concrete situation, that of a construction worker, we will share our understandings, doubts and hopes. It is an illustrated conference, a hybrid form between speech and drawing. Large, vivid graphics produced highlight what is being said. It lasts just under an hour, and is carried out by two people, an architect and a painter. About twenty large formats that are easy to understand and allow you to go beyond what is being said. It is a monitoring conference and a conference that provides the keys. It offers ways to envision a livable future.

How did this project with Benoit Bonnemaison-Fitte come about?

This project was born from the meeting between me and Benoit over different architectural, installation or exhibition projects. We realized that the drawing and painting tool is very powerful. It is the tool of the architect who designs buildings and the artist who paints shapes or sensations and feelings.

Nicolas Delon and Benoît Bonnemaison-Vitt in “The Asymmetry of Nonsense.”
Louise Kenyon

For almost fifteen years, we have done many collaborations and we wanted to continue working together in a different place, that of the stage, the show, the hanging time where we have the opportunity to participate and present for an hour. , exploring a topic. We explore this topic in the special form of drawing. It is very rare to see artists drawing. This is also what we wanted to show, with Benoit drawing from the beginning of the conference until the end.

What role does architecture play in the conference?

The architect in this project is the one who tells the story. It will focus on five main concepts of architecture: materials, energy, know-how, soil and economic issues. Through these five key concepts, this architect, who designs and builds buildings, will question the absurdities of today’s world. He also questions ways to make architecture more respectful of the environment. He is trying to see what changes will be necessary to ensure that we can continue to live. It’s really a conference on the habitability of the world. What do we build when everything collapses? It can also be the subtitle for this project.

L’Asymmétrie des baratins is shown on November 16 at 8:30pm in the Atmosphère Room in Capdenac-Gare, and on November 17 at 6:30pm in the Théâtre Municipal in Villefranche-de-Rouergue. For more information and reservation: accueil@derrierelehublot.fr or 05 65 64 70 07.

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