Walmart’s Best Thanksgiving Shopping Deals of 2023

Walmart’s Best Thanksgiving Shopping Deals of 2023

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to score some great deals for the upcoming holiday season. One place to shop for these deals is Walmart – both in-store and online.

Around this time, you may be able to find deep discounts on items like kitchen appliances, electronics, apparel, and sports equipment at Walmart locations across the country. Although exact sales may not be widely available yet, it’s still worth checking out some of the Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping deals when they appear.


Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, which occur shortly after Thanksgiving, are great days to shop for TVs at Walmart and other major retailers. Not only can you find some great discounts, but you can also start shopping early.

“This year at Walmart, I got a great deal on a 4K TV, 30% off,” said Nikita Shcherbina, co-founder of

Kimberly Wall, co-founder of BibleKeeper, added, “For those who are upgrading their home entertainment systems, Walmart often cuts prices on LED smart TVs during the Thanksgiving period. You can expect to find certain models for hundreds of dollars less than their regular price.”

Electronic tools and gadgets

Whether you’re in the market for a new iPad, smartphone, smartwatch, or other small electronic device, there’s a good chance you’ll find some great shopping deals at Walmart this Thanksgiving.

“These (devices) often feature discounts ranging from $30 to $100,” said Eugene Klimazowski, president of Mammoth Security. This Thanksgiving is “the perfect opportunity to get technology gifts for the family or upgrade your own equipment at an affordable cost,” he said.

You’re bound to find some great discounts on other electronics as well, added Michael Sheen, CEO and CMO of 101Karaoke. This includes smart home devices, entertainment consoles, and more.

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Sporting gear

Most Walmarts sell a range of sports equipment, such as soccer balls, nets, basketball hoops, bicycles, and other fitness equipment. Around this time of year, the retailer also tends to lower some of its prices on these items.

“By offering discounts on sports equipment, Walmart is promoting an active lifestyle that is accessible to everyone,” said Yulia Frolova, CEO and co-founder of ActiFinder Inc. Sporting goods can make great gifts, too. So, if you’re doing some recent holiday shopping, keep an eye on the store’s special sales.

Smart home appliances

Modern technology and smart home devices have allowed people to make their homes more secure and private. They also make it easier for people to schedule appointments, play music, adjust lighting, and more.

Walmarts sell many smart home devices, so if you’re looking for ways to upgrade or secure your home but want to save money, check out the retailer’s upcoming deals.

“Smart home gadgets like voice assistants and robotic vacuums are in high demand,” said Molly Newton, founder of PetMeTwice. “Walmart has a history of lowering prices on these useful devices, making (Thanksgiving) a wise time to upgrade your home technology.”


Walmarts everywhere sell a variety of vitamin supplements and other health care products. Although discounts vary by location, you’re sure to find some of these items on sale during the holiday season.

“As an expert in the healthcare market, I appreciate Walmart’s focus on health during the holiday season,” said Akshaya Srivatsa, CEO and co-founder of Better Care. “Great deals on vitamins not only make essential supplements more accessible, but also contribute to promoting a healthier society.”

kitchen tools

Kitchen appliances and other home appliances are worth checking out if you’re looking for some great Thanksgiving deals. This is because Walmart usually lowers its prices on these types of items at this time of year.

Walmart is offering “amazing deals on select cookware collections, with discounts up to 50%,” Wall said. “These sets typically include basic pots, pans, and lids—perfect for preparing your holiday feast. A quality set that retails for around $100 may be available for just $50, providing great value for those looking to upgrade their kitchen arsenal.”

“This year, look for deals on slow cookers and air fryers, sometimes up to 50% off,” Klimashevsky added. “That means you can get a high-quality slow cooker perfect for delicious Thanksgiving dishes for $20.”

Not all kitchen appliances will benefit from deep discounts. However, you can still find discount offers of up to about 30% on various kitchen appliances at your local Walmart store.

Home decoration

Walmart sells a range of home decor items that can transform your living space, including seasonal items and holiday decor. With each passing holiday, the prices of some items decrease as the retailer replaces its merchandise.

“There’s something magical about finding discounts on holiday decorations and home decor. It’s like adding a touch of festive cheer without the hefty price tag,” said Riley Annen, real estate investor with Companies That Buy Homes.

So, how much can you save? Well, it depends on where and when you shop – and for what. “From table settings to festive decorations, expect to save 20% to 40%. You can find beautiful centerpieces or themed linens at a great value, sometimes under $10.”

Outdoor equipment

Walmart also sells outdoor gear, which is great for anyone who loves the great outdoors. During the holiday season, the retailer will sometimes lower its prices on these types of items, providing some solid savings opportunities.

Walmart often has sales during Thanksgiving on camping gear, fishing gear and sporting equipment, noted Alexander Haffken, regional sales manager for Ecoline Windows. These deals, according to Haffken, “come just in time for the off-season, making it an excellent opportunity to prepare for next year’s adventures.”


As Walmarts begin changing their current selection of clothing to fit the current and upcoming season, you may also be able to find some great shopping deals if you’re looking to update your existing wardrobe — or buy gifts for loved ones.

“Look for big discounts on clothing for the whole family. With prices on winter essentials like coats, shoes and accessories falling, Walmart is making it a budget-friendly option to get your family ready for the cold months ahead,” said Haffken.

Grace White, head of design and development at Lilo, suggested looking for men’s jackets where you can often find deals up to 25% off. The same goes for dresses, which can be up to 30% off.

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