VIP Completions, a provider of aircraft completion and refurbishment services, today announced a new project – a comprehensive interior refurbishment of the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ).

Since the company’s founding nearly a decade ago, the VIP completions team has extensively refurbished six Boeing BBJ aircraft, two Boeing 757s, one Boeing 767 and one Boeing 727, clearly demonstrating its expertise in Boeing corporate aircraft completion projects.

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ)

The latest VIP completion project in the world of luxury aviation involves breathing new life into a Boeing Business Jet.

The Boeing Business Jet, or BBJ, is the epitome of high-performance aviation. It is derived from the iconic Boeing 737, which has an impressive range of over 6,000 nautical miles, enabling non-stop flights across continents.

Introduced in 1998, BBJ has gained a global presence, with approximately 140 of these marvels gracing the skies today.

A glimpse of luxury

What can passengers expect from this luxury aircraft? The answer lies in the promise of unparalleled comfort, luxury, personal style and cutting-edge technology. The interior will contain three main cabin areas:

Front main hall: Equipped with a built-in movie projector and drop-down screen, this lounge promises entertainment at its best.

Back hall: Designed for relaxation and socializing, this space is designed to be a social hub.

Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom: For maximum privacy and comfort, the master bedroom offers an oasis in the sky.

Interior view of a Boeing BBJ

There is a large galley in the middle of the cabin with a bar area adjacent to the aft lounge, ensuring passengers have access to delicious food and drinks throughout their flight.

BBJ will feature three lavatories: Forward Crew Lavatory; A large passenger toilet is in the middle of the cabin, and a master bedroom toilet is aft with a full shower.

Interior view of a Boeing BBJ

Elegance of design

Interior design upgrades include:

Specially designed seats: Upholstered in luxurious Garrett leather and accented with intricate diamond-shaped stitching.

Luxury collections: Upholstered in luxurious Loro Piana fabric.

Repainted cabin: Features a matte, open-grain white oak finish.

Exquisite countertops: Made of natural arabescato stone.

Luxury carpets: Covered with 100% New Zealand wool rugs by RedRock.

Interior view of a Boeing BBJ
Image credits: Complete VIP

On a leisure trip

The new Cabin Management System (CMS) and In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) will take the passenger experience to new heights:

Smooth control: The CMS can be easily managed via Crestron app-enabled iPads.

Auditory bliss: The customized ALTO sound system, calibrated for the cabin using ALTO’s MySound™ optimization tool, ensures perfect sound.

Visual delight: Upgraded high-definition screens for immersive viewing.

Ambient lighting: Dynamic RGB LED lighting sets the mood.

UNLIMITED CONTENT: Multiple on-board Plex media servers provide a wide range of content options in a multi-region setup.

The completely renewed interior will provide a unique on-board experience. Fabrics, leathers and color schemes will be sourced from top designers and brands. The stone, wood and tile work will use the finest materials.

All passenger touchpoints, including high-speed Internet, high-resolution audio and full-spectrum LED lighting, will be state-of-the-art, and seamlessly controlled by a dedicated content management system.

Lively arrived Bin Shirazi, Head of VIP Completion“This is a big project. In addition to the size of the plane, the degree of renovation is almost complete.”

BBJ’s renovation is a testament to VIP Completions’ commitment to excellence in luxury aviation. Mr. Al-Shirazi adds: “BBJ is the gold standard for corporate VIP jets. By working closely with our clients, we will create something unique within the standards of excellence.

“As one of the few companies capable of executing a project of this scope and complexity, this is a proud day for the entire VIP Achievements team,” Mr. Al-Shirazi adds.

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