View inside the $140 million Bel Air mansion that Justin Timberlake turned into a YouTube hit

View inside the $140 million Bel Air mansion that Justin Timberlake turned into a YouTube hit

The stately Bel Air mansion dubbed “La Fin” has been on and off the market for more than a year. But despite not finding a buyer since it was first listed in February 2022, the seller, real estate investor and physician Joseph Englanoff, has not lowered the $139 million asking price.

The three-story home developed by Englanov made headlines when it hit the market last year, but has gained more attention recently. Justin Timberlake toured the home’s 12 bedrooms and entertaining spaces with popular YouTuber Mr. Beast in October, garnering 129,000 views on YouTube. Timberlake’s visit also drove a record number of viewers to the listing on Zillow, according to realtor Shawn Elliott.

Justin Timberlake visits the 12-bedroom Bel Air mansion listed for $139 million.Mr. Beast

Elliott spoke to The Messenger about what makes the three-figure listing special, other than its gaudy price tag.

“I’m really obsessed with this property,” Elliott said before eagerly diving into the long list of luxurious amenities.

Elliott described the home gym as a “world-class” fitness center “like Equinox” with a climbing wall, cycling room and full-service workout area. Its vaults bear the names of some of America’s richest men, including Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison and Jeff Bezos. Nearby there is a spa with a massage room, steam room and sauna.

Climbing wall and cycling room.
Climbing wall and cycling room.Nest Seekers International

The house has two theaters — an indoor movie room with lounge chairs that seats 25 and an outdoor theater with a screen that juts out of the ground at the edge of an infinity pool.

Outdoor viewing area next to the pool and bar.
Outdoor viewing area next to the pool and bar.Nest Seekers International
Indoor theater.
Indoor theater.Nest Seekers International
Hot tub.
Hot tub.Nest Seekers International

The house includes a wine cellar, Elliott’s personal favorite, and an ice room for cooling vodka and tequila. The mansion’s cigar room uses a reverse air conditioning system to absorb smoke, so “your wife will never yell at you,” he said.

Ice room.
Ice room.Nest Seekers International

Beyond the luxurious amenities is the expensive decor. The home’s chandeliers alone cost more than $4 million, according to Elliott. Its furniture was manufactured by Englanoff and custom-made for the house.

“He actually traveled to Italy to make furniture,” Elliott said.

One chandelier is worth more than $1 million and spans three floors.
One chandelier is worth more than $1 million and spans three floors.Nest Seekers International
Kitchen made of stone imported from Italy.
Kitchen made of stone imported from Italy.Nest Seekers International

The mansion also features what Elliott describes as a “vending machine” for cars. It is an automated lift that fits up to six vehicles. Residents and guests use a touch screen to select the car they want to drive, and a lift delivers and “deploys” it in the home’s garage.

Car elevator.
Car elevator.Nest Seekers International

The master bedroom has its own private terrace, with a large luxurious closet and bathroom.

Primary bedroom.
Primary bedroom.Nest Seekers International
treasury.Nest Seekers International
Primary bathroom.
Primary bathroom.Nest Seekers International

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