Trina Solar wins Vertex S+ magazine’s prestigious international design award – PV International

Trina Solar wins Vertex S+ magazine’s prestigious international design award – PV International

Trina Solar has won the German Design Award 2024 for its Vertex S n type double roof PV module series in the “Excellent Product Design” category.

The German Design Award, founded by the German Design Council in 1953, is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world. Only works that have passed the review or recommendation of the German Design Committee can be nominated, and most nominated works are designs that have won international design awards, also known as “winners among winners”.

The recognition of the design and aesthetic value of the Vertex S+ modules by the German Design Awards follows the success of Trina Solar’s Vertex S module, which won the Red Dot Design Award, the international industrial design award known as the “Oscars” of the design world. , last year.

Winning the German Design Award is not only a confirmation of the creative design and performance of our unit, but also a recognition of the entire concept of our Black Aesthetics range, of which the Vertex S+ is a part.

Trina Solar delivers the perfect black aesthetics in every detail at a high level. The high homogeneity between all cells, between cells and frames, and between units ensures integration into the exterior design of the building. Black Aesthetics modules create more visual quality for users on their rooftops and enhance the aesthetic solar experience in thousands of homes around the world.

Trina Solar launched the Vertex S+ double glazing module series for rooftops in February, launching a new round of PV aesthetic innovation in the global mid- and high-end residential market. Based on 210mm rectangular silicon wafer cell technology (210R), this series of modules are combined with advanced n-type i-TOPCon technology, providing the highest level of power, efficiency and guaranteed lifetime power output. Its three-piece cells are designed for electrical compatibility with 99% of mainstream inverters, thus integrating seamlessly with existing system components. The lightweight 1.6+1.6mm double-glazed chassis ensures extremely high reliability and safety of the unit, while maintaining the same low weight as similar standard backsheet products.

Inheriting Trina Solar’s exclusive black design aesthetic, the NEG9RC.27 Clear Black module is the flagship product of the Vertex S+ series. It comes with black cells and a black frame. It incorporates dual-sided cell technology with clear packaging to capture additional power from the back side of the unit, making it an outstanding universal solution for any type of residential and commercial rooftop. Additionally, it is ideal for specific application settings such as parking lots, public spaces and agricultural projects.

On the other hand, the NEG9R.28 Vertex S+ single-sided module comes with a white housing for a highly rated power output of up to 450Wp, thus achieving maximum performance in limited rooftop spaces.

The innovative Vertex S+ product series provides users with a richer set of options to customize and add more aesthetic possibilities to their roofs.

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