Not only do Minecraft designs come in many shapes and sizes, but also across many different locations. In addition to all the great projects that can be built above ground or in the sky, fans should not neglect the creations that exist underground. Although mining and tunneling to create space for subsurface construction is a difficult process, the end product can be worth the effort.

Many blocks that Minecraft fans don’t normally use above ground may find new life in caves and underground areas, making them a great location to show off your creative skills.

If you’re looking for ideas for your next subterranean construction project, there are plenty of great examples you can draw inspiration from.

The amazing underground game Minecraft is worth creating in 2023

1) Greek style cave city

This city builder uses basic Minecraft blocks and a well-made amethyst pool (Image via Cultofhappiness_/Reddit)

Greek architecture looks great in Minecraft because of its emphasis on columns and arches, and this build uses simple stone blocks and clay to build an entire underground Greek settlement. The dilapidated bridge shows that this city has seen better days, but it still has a lot of grandeur to appreciate.

The most striking aspect of this structure is undoubtedly the amethyst pool. By placing the amethyst below the surface of the water and installing appropriate shading, the water surrounding this structure takes on a purple color that pops on the earthen blocks.

2) The lush cave base

The natural greenery of the lush cave biomes highlights this Minecraft design perfectly (Image via MrDankoDankins/Reddit)

The lush cave biomes have a wild beauty in Minecraft, thanks to the various plant blocks found within them. Since that’s the case, why don’t we build a base in this biome? With the right cave and a few hanging platforms and cave rooms, players can put together a base that looks great and works well in survival mode.

From storage rooms to enchanting platforms and farming, this creativity does not destroy the lush cave system in which it resides. Instead, this basic design uses the natural terrain to its advantage.

3) Underground cyberpunk city

There’s no doubt that clearing space for this massive construction will take some time for any Minecraft player, but the final design is stunning. With vertical-style construction, this city sees its residents attached to the walls of a large canyon complete with lava flows and plenty of light source blocks to give it a futuristic feel.

A system of bridges connects the building’s independent structures while massive columns hold it upright. Fans will need a lot of lava for this creation, but the far-reaching river of fiery matter certainly brings the whole project together.

4) Steampunk mining town

This city building can accommodate a large number of Minecraft players (Image via Memebank2979/Reddit)

Just like the previous cyberpunk version, this creation will take a lot of time and effort. It has a Steampunk aesthetic and features a system of tunnels that connect several city buildings together around a central lava flow.

Even with multiple players working on the construction, there will be a lot of painstaking work and detail needed for this massive structure. However, once completed, this project will be ideal for multiplayer servers and domains, thanks to the huge number of players it can accommodate.

5) Underground village

Villagers can thrive almost anywhere in Minecraft, including underground (Image via Asonmorales519two/Reddit)

Villages form naturally in Minecraft, but that doesn’t mean players haven’t put their own spin on them in the same way. While some fans create villages in different biomes within the game, others choose to place their villages underground, with the villagers carrying out their daily tasks.

With a multi-level layout like the one seen in this build, players can continue to trade with their villages and even farm them if there is a source of light from the sun. This design also keeps villagers safe from hostile mob attacks and looting raids.

6) Underground palace

Underground palaces can be just as captivating as those above ground (Image via Aminto9/Reddit)

Mansion designs have been created by Minecraft players for over a decade and are still very popular. However, most of the sprawling palace buildings can be seen on the roof, but that is not the only location where they can fit in well. This project from Aminto9 shows that with the right surroundings, the palace could still fit perfectly underground.

Complete with a bridge leading to Palace Island and a large lake surrounding it, this palace was built of easily sourced blocks but looked magnificent. Furthermore, the red stone lamps on the bridge and the end lights in the cave wall ensure that hostile mobs don’t show up to say hello.

7) Lower style cave castle

When Minecraft fans think of the lower dimension, lava blocks and blackstone tend to come to mind very quickly. This build uses both to create a Nether-style castle inside a cave in the Overworld. Complete with black stone construction and hallways reminiscent of the Nether Castle, fans may forget they’re still in the Overworld when walking through this structure.

To complete the look, a huge lava pool was placed at the bottom of the structure, and a small obsidian stone was placed for added scale.

8) Wario Gold Mine

Mario Kart is known for its memorable racing tracks, and this Minecraft build recreates one of the toughest ones found in Mario Kart Wii. This creation is completed by a roller coaster-shaped track that passes through multiple mines, which is highly detailed and reminiscent of the original.

Although this particular project was designed simply for aesthetics, fans can certainly add rails and go-karts to it and go for a high-speed ride. Moreover, players can also use certain modifications to add karts and turn the building into a pure racing track.

9) Frozen mine

Minecraft players build mines in all kinds of biomes, but not many of them venture into snowy or icy areas and do the same. This project by Paintergigi is an excellent example of how impressive the mine can be even in the bitter cold, with a cascading roof to give the appearance of vanishing during snowfall.

There are plenty of barrels outside for storage purposes, and the overall arm of the mining complex comes with a platform that holds a lot of precious resources.

10) Medieval mining crane

This Minecraft mining crane would look great on its own or as part of a larger build (Image via HorribleChupacabra/Reddit)

Sometimes players don’t necessarily need a building to live in but still want a cool design for caves, mines, and subterranean locations. The medieval crane design fits well into a mine in survival mode while also making a great addition to any medieval build, with or without accompanying modifications.

Better yet, they are built of simple wood and stone blocks, minus the grinding stones and chains. This makes the design easy to build and highlights the overall cost when it comes to resources.

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