This magnificent Art Nouveau house is located on a street in Paris that has a lot of unusual buildings: do you know which ones? -Paris is curvy

This magnificent Art Nouveau house is located on a street in Paris that has a lot of unusual buildings: do you know which ones?  -Paris is curvy

To the northwest of small Paris Unknown street It is home to many unusual buildings, such as this wonderful one Art Nouveau style house Covered with colored ceramic. There is also a private hotel there. Neo-Gothicand another in the style of Louis XIII and others Surprises…Do you know which one it is? Follow us to discover these Architectural treasures Unexpected, we tell you everything! r 2qPLhut1rdkUQO0aAGCidqra1GnWkoTHPimgWFOY7qWJPEXp_zcUbNP0UkwaMecwb0zO5uuH0rpRjwOw5fN0JrNnvIqari3wp9gPUvD1NMV1aFunX5bGC1780yCJ0nq4OqSUdUqIc4l

Dumas House

The most eye-catching thing about this street is without a doubt Private palace No. 32. It was built in 1911 and is called “Maison Dumas”. 1892 By the architect to whom we owe the magnificent reconstruction of Printemps’ shops at the end of the nineteenth century: Paul Seidel. Here he makes frequent references to the Italian Renaissance through bosses, columns and bas-reliefs… while being part of New artThe modern movement of its time! Ha Great interface It is further brightened by Blue and green glazed bricks And ceramic tiles that form a frieze of branches Lemon trees. Take a tour to see his second building at 52 Rue Berthier, this one is exquisitely decorated Arch windows.

Maison Dumas ©doors_od
Maison Dumas ©doors_od

A reference to Victor Hugo

A few steps from Maison Dumas, V number 8 From the same street, you will come across a stunning small building Neo-Gothic style. With their fleur-de-lis balconies and carved-headed window frames, they appear straight From the Middle Ages ! However it was built 1881 By architect Gaston Aubry. And yes no Gothic is back in fashion In the nineteenth century, thanks to the novel by Victor Hugo and the architect Viollet-le-Duc who renovated many buildings in this style. As you walk around, you’ll notice this Chapters No. 1 bis and No. 30 Also address Neo-Gothic symbols!

Eugene Flachat Street © Caroline.haue.r
© Caroline.How.r

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A street full of unusual buildings

And you haven’t reached the end of your surprises. No. 16 and No. 18 This time, it’s a duplex Louis XIII style Designed by George Louis Bayard and brought to you. there Red brickThe geometric games and the ceiling that reaches from the third floor take us back to the seventeenth century! Also impressed Dragon sculptures Who guard the sides. We find this pattern a little further on the same sidewalk, at No. 26where you thought you were in Place Dauphine or Vosges Square. Finally, we finish in style with No. 14 From the street: Architect Charles Girault (who directed the construction of the Petit Palais during the Universal Exposition of 1900!) presents us with an elegant facade with Green and yellow ceramic.

Eugene Flachat Street © Caroline.haue.r
© Caroline.How.r
Eugene Street Flash © Euphrosine
© Euphrosyne

Distinctive neighborhood

You’re probably wondering why there are so many of them Architectural gems On the same street? That’s because we’re close Regular monsoWhere the Parisian bourgeoisie settled at the end of the nineteenth century! Therefore, many private palaces were built in the area, as is the case here, in this very beautiful area Eugene Flash Street. It is located in the northwest of the 17th arrondissement of Paris, and can be reached by metro station Perrieron line 3. All that remains for us is to wish you a successful journey!

Eugene Flachat Street © Caroline.haue.r
© Caroline.How.r


A photograph of one : Maison Dumas, 38 rue Eugene Flachat 75017 Paris © Paris la Douce

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