Shipbuilding is one of the main attractions Starfield, but there is one feature that can turn it into a more comprehensive and engaging experience. Based on the settlement customization experience presented in Fallout 4Bethesda has brought more unique building opportunities to Starfield With both outposts and ships. Whether you’re trying to maximize a ship’s capabilities or focusing on a premium-looking starship aesthetic, it’s easy to waste hours perfecting a creation. However, spend large amounts of time working on Starfield The ship can have the side effect of making the system’s limitations increasingly apparent.

As a feature that is ultimately just one aspect of an expansive game about space exploration, it’s no surprise Starfield Ship customization is not everything in shipbuilding. Ship parts cannot be fully rotated, a system that makes sense for certain components such as engines that may require a specific orientation for function but seems restrictive with other components. On the other hand, customization also ignores many physics concerns, making it possible to build strange things Starfield Ships that can’t withstand the rigors of space travel for very long. For those who focus on the visual aspects of creativity, this may be a plus, while simulation specialists may prefer a more realistic approach.

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Internal Starfield ship customization does not exist

Starfield Ship interiors are comprehensively determined by the habitats (abbreviated habs) that can be purchased within the shipbuilding function. The Hab can be purchased from five different manufacturers – Deimos, HopeTech, Nova, Stroud-Eklund and Taiyo, each with a different interior look. Nova is the only company with completely unique environments, where others are divided into pairs that just swap out the color options within the pair. The only real customization is within a file Starfield The ship is achieved by manually placing items, though any such decoration will be thrown into the storage box each time the ship is modified.

Tweaking the interior designs would improve shipbuilding in Starfield

Starfield Bridge interior with seating and visible hatch.

Being able to choose where to place doors and portals in the interior of the ship can open up the rankings of the best ship upgrade options in Starfield In a way that the entire prefabricated building system fails. There’s nothing particularly wrong with the accommodation on offer, but adhering to corporate designs isn’t a utopian space fantasy. Ideally, this would be assisted by placing the first person within the shipyard to check the allocated positions. The minor talent mode could use a similar overhaul, as the storage box issue can make interior design a somewhat frustrating task for anyone who likes to change things frequently.

With the endless possibilities for exterior combinations, limiting interior design to distinct themes falls short of great Starfield Possibility of building ships on screen. While expanding this aspect wouldn’t be a completely necessary addition to the game, it would help clarify the environment-specific choices that appear more often than any specific planetary location. the Starfield Shipbuilding is a fun aspect of the game with a lot of variety, but unlocking the interior options can really fulfill its potential.

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