The School of Architecture and ASTÉTAR receive a generous donation for the 2023 Mathematical Architecture Challenge – School of Architecture

The School of Architecture and ASTÉTAR receive a generous donation for the 2023 Mathematical Architecture Challenge – School of Architecture

Official unveiling of the amount awarded to the three Quebec architecture schools and their student associations in the presence of representatives of Défi Sport Architecture, major sponsors, architecture schools, student associations and collaborators. Former Montreal Canadiens player Francis Bouillon takes the ball with Québécois Architects leader Philippe Lafrance-Boucher (Lemay Québec) and Québécois Architects leader Madeleine Leroux (NFOE). Image source: Bell Center.

Montreal, November 17, 2023 – At the Bell Center on November 5, the DSA Défi Sport Architecture 2023 event was held in partnership with Owens CorningIn cooperation with LuxtecAnd also with the support of BPDL, CGC, ELEMA expert advice et al Solflex Canada. They were the main organizers of the event ACDF structure, Enercorp, collectivethe Quebec Architects Hockey League (Lahabuk) and Lemay Quebec.

For this occasion, 64 Players (including 6 The women) competed in two friendly matches, firstly a team of architects against a team of various construction professionals, and secondly architects from Quebec against architects from Montreal, in front of a crowd of… 500 people.

Total amount $36,000 It is distributed between the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Montreal, the Faculty of Architecture of the Université Laval and the Peter Ju Hua Fu School of Architecture at McGill University as well as their respective student association groups, the Regrouping of Students in Architecture at the University of Montreal (RÉA), and the Association of Architecture Students of the University of Montreal. Laval University (ASSÉTAR) and the McGill Architecture Students Association (ASA).

“It is truly a wonderful event that exceeded my expectations. Bringing together the architectural community in Quebec was a great challenge, but everyone was on board. Regarding the fundraising for the three schools of architecture, we should look at this event as a gesture of solidarity on the part of the architectural community towards the new generation of architects.” Aspiring architects,” confirms architect Robert Martin, Vice President of Operations and COO of Major Projects at ACDF Architecture and President of Défi Sport Architecture.

He added: “We are happy to participate in the 2023 edition of this sporting challenge. It was a very beautiful day full of discoveries and meetings. I would like to highlight the impeccable organization of this event, as well as its friendly character and warm atmosphere. “It is a golden opportunity for the profession and students to develop their network and discuss what moves us,” says Luis Casillas Gamboa, Director of the Faculty of Architecture at Université Laval.

Finally, Défi Sport Architecture would like to thank the following companies for their support: Armstrong Solutions Plafond, Éclairages Pa-Co inc., Enercorp, Financière Banque Nationale, GBI Experts-Conseils inc., Groupe Canam, Lemay Co inc., Magil Construction Corporation of Canada, UL Laboratoire Canada Inc., Unifix, and Vicwest Building Products.

About Defi Sport Architecture

Défi Sport Architecture is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 that aims to bring the architectural community together around sporting events while raising funds. Robert Martin, VPO Engineer and Major Projects Manager at ACDF, serves as President of DSA, and Anne-Marie Bourque, Technical Representative – Architectural Enercorp, serves as Managing Director. More specifically, Robert develops the theme of the events, manages the sports side and searches for sponsors with DSA collaborators while Anne-Marie takes care of the administrative side with the different partners as well as the logistics during the day of the event. It happened.

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