With a list that now extends to over a thousand brands, Pokemon Packed with diversity across 18 genres with even more genre combinations, each inspired by unique creatures, concepts or folklore. Each species naturally has its own distinct Pokémon and many fade into obscurity, but many of the pocket monsters appear tougher or more imposing than they actually are.

This level of grandeur or physical intimidation comes from towering size and stature, ominous designs, or just overwhelming presence – but that doesn’t always guarantee power in a world… Pokemon. Each Pokémon has six stats and a total of base stats that players naturally compare to others, and as a result, many of these majestic Pokémon turn out to be surprisingly weaker than other, more humble types.

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10 Kadabra

It’s not always easy to determine where a mid-evolution model fits into an overall list, especially in terms of how their total base stat compares to other types. However, Kadabra only has 400 stats, making it weaker and less versatile than similar Pokemon like Ponyta, Kekleon, and Eiscue.

Kadabra showed how much of a threat he could be Pokemon The anime when he got Ash’s Pikachu number not once, but twice. Kadabra’s final form Alakazam is a fearsome Psychic-type Pokémon, and although it has inherited Kadabra’s massive image and design, it is still surprisingly weak.

9 Mawile

Mawile in the Pokemon anime

An imposing figure does not always have to be of great size and stature. This can apply to their public presence, even if they usually appear graceful. The Deceiver Pokémon Mawile literally has two sides to match its species – its fairy aesthetic is evident in its facial features and stance, but the terrifying metal jaws on the back of its head represent its secondary steel type.

Mega Mawile makes the design look cooler, but both forms have disappointingly low base totals. The original Mawile’s base stats are only 380 and Mega Mawile only has 480 total stats. Mawile should be much stronger than he is now, especially with the Hard-type combination that only gives him two type weaknesses, with nine resistances and two immunities, but that doesn’t carry him through most fights.

8 Alarm

Ash's Froakie Rock Tomb Climb is used against Grant's Onix in the Pokemon anime

Players know that Onix is ​​one of the biggest disappointments in the game Pokemondespite the large number of formidable trainers across games and anime who use this intimidation Pokemon. While Onix has had strong performances in the anime, two different Onix have defeated Pikachu on separate occasions. However, Brock’s Onix also showed the weaker side of the Rock type.

Onix is ​​a massive Rock Snake-type Pokemon with an impressive base defense of 160, but that’s ultimately all for show. Onix’s dismal 45 attack and 35 HP will always hurt his reputation, especially when his ATK is lower than Sentret’s, and even Caterpie has more HP than she does.

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7 Wilmer

Wilmer swims in the Pokemon anime

Wailmer is physically imposing but his total base stats are a shockingly low 400. The Ball Whale Pokémon’s large design suggests some great abilities and fighting, but those abilities ultimately don’t show up until its massive evolved form, Wailord.

Wailmer’s simple design can toe the line between massive and gentle giant, but none of that matters when he can’t stay in battle for long with his weak defense stats and special defense. Wailmer is ultimately a big ball of wasted energy that deserves more offensive bite to justify its evolution into the mighty (and surprisingly agile) Wailord.

6 Diggersby

Diggersby is ready for battle in the Pokémon anime

Unfortunately, Diggersby is one of the most frustrating Pokémon evolutions. The regular/ground-drilling Pokemon had a massive build with arms and fists as massive as its ears, but it was never an effective fighter.

Diggersby even records 423 total base hits and only 56 in physical attack. Pokemon Fans came to love Bonnellby Clemont V xy animated series, and fans are always disappointed that Diggersby can’t live up to the same reputation, despite its potentially imposing design.

5 Shedinga

Shedinja in the air in the Pokémon anime

Shedinja is easily the most unusual, unique, and interesting Pokemon on the entire list. The Bug/Ghost type is an alternative evolution for Nincada if its trainer meets the right conditions, but while Ninjask has a total base stat of 456, Shedinja only has 236. Shedinja’s gimmick is centered around the Wonder Guard ability which only allows for super effective hitting moves, but since Shedinja only has 1 HP, this means it’s a one-hit knockback unless the Focus Sash shenanigans are afoot.

Shedinja has a powerful and intimidating presence, but despite its standard 13-type hp, it is rarely usable competitively. Her other stats are unable to make up for her only HP, and her attack is non-existent, which makes her very disappointing.

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4 Gravel

Dawn and Croagunk in Sinnoh's Labyrinth are attacked by the Rolling Graveler

The Graveler has always been one of the most terrifying wild encounters in the world Pokemon, from their tough determination and aggressive behaviors to their volatile and dangerous attacks such as self-destruct and earthquake. Geodude’s evolved form is a constant nuisance in the anime, and fans often view him as an unruly bully who intimidates other Pokémon.

Graveler has an impressive base defense of 115, but despite this, its total base stats are a shockingly low 390. Even Pokemon like Roselia and Charjabug are more impressive than this living rock. The Graveler ends up being more of a barker than a biter, although he seems like a capable fighter.

3 Dragonair

Dragonair flying in pokemon anime

Dragonair is one type of Pokemon that could easily be the final form of its evolution line, Dratini and Dragonair would be enough in theory given their similarity to each other, while Dragonite looks completely different. Dragonair has a faux-mythical grace and presence, from the flowery wings on its head to the crystal orbs scattered around its body.

However, Dragonair has a disappointing base stats total of 420 with no specific stats that stand out or make it competitively viable beyond having an even spread across the board. Dragonair has a powerful presence, and while Clair’s Dragonair looks good in the anime, this Pokemon is generally weaker than it should be.

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2 Scarmory

Mickey and Scarmory in the Pokemon anime

There’s a lot to be said about how menacing and intimidating the giant metal bird is, but despite its imposing design, Skarmory has never made its mark on the competition. Pokemon. The arrival of Corviknight into Gen VIII games pushed Skarmory further into obscurity, despite having the same Flying/Steel type combination.

Skarmory’s total base stats are 465, which doesn’t seem too bad at first glance, but is disappointing for a solo type without further development. Corviknight itself has a total of 495, while other modest Flying-type Pokémon like Xatu and Unfezant also score higher totals than Skarmory. This ferocious armored Pokemon has all the ingredients needed to be great, led by its cool, battle-ready design, as well as having only two weaknesses, eight resistances, and two immunities. However, she did not fulfill her promise on anything Pokemon games.

1 Camerupt

Camerrupt is surrounded by grasslands in the Pokémon anime

Any Pokemon with an active volcano should be designed to impress players. Camerrupt is an imposing Fire/Ground-type, and the Eruption Pokémon becomes even more intimidating and dangerous in its massive form.

However, Camerrupt’s original form somehow manages to miss the mark and is often viewed as one of the most disappointing final evolutions in Pokémon, especially in the Fire type. Its total stat of 460 makes it stronger than some other Fire-types like Magcargo, but much lower than Ninetales, Arcanine, Magmar, Charizard, and even Flareon. Camerrupt’s woeful speed and disappointing base stats overshadow its impressive Attack and Special Attack, making it a poor example of a Fire Pokémon.

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