“The narrowest hotel in the world” is located near Bali: discover this unique establishment

“The narrowest hotel in the world” is located near Bali: discover this unique establishment

Welcome to PituRooms. Measuring 2.8 meters wide, the hotel will be the “narrowest in the world” with its five floors, according to its creator. spotted before CNN Travel This exceptional institution is located in Salatiga, in Central Java, Indonesia. It was built at the foot of Mount Merbabu and opened in December 2022.

Land that no one wanted to buy

Salatiga is less popular and touristy than other cities in Java such as Yogyakarta, Subaraya or the neighboring island of Bali. However, the city is known among locals for its food, infrastructure and good quality of life. It is also considered a pleasant place to retire by Indonesians. With his unusual hotel, architect Ari Indra hopes to bring international attention to his hometown. “We had only 5% of clients of foreign nationalities,” Note a year after opening.

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After working in Jakarta and Singapore, Ari Indra began looking for land in Salatiga. He found one that no one wanted because of its size, according to reports CNN Travel. This is where PituRooms, a seven-room hotel, was born.

What does the hotel look like?

The architect managed to make the most of the space: in each bedroom there is a double bed and a small bathroom equipped with a shower and toilet. They all have a unique atmosphere, thanks to the décor and artwork that comes from Salatiga.

A restaurant has been installed on the roof. The property also plans to host events and art exhibitions. “I want people to discover Salatega in a new way, The architect announced to the American media. I own, design and operate PituRooms with my own team. It has become my new platform for generating a new kind of tourism that involves local communities..

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