The main role of coat hooks in the bedroom

The main role of coat hooks in the bedroom

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Necessary for hanging clothes, bath towel, bathrobe, the hook should not be selected or installed lightly. It must respond to logic and practical application. Decipher the role of this obligatory accessory in the hotel room.

Posted on November 20, 2023 at 4:00 pm.

At the last minute of renovating or setting up a hotel room, you may be tempted to just hook one or even several hooks without thinking about it beforehand. mistake ! This appendix is ​​not anecdotal, neither in its location nor in its role. ““We think about the location of the hooks once we draw the plan of the bedroom or bathroom.”Explained by interior designers and architects Christine et al Nicola BorellaFounder of Borella Design Agency. And for good reason: the hook will be used to hang our bathrobe, pajamas, and often times a bath towel that we hang up instead of having to clean it after one shower…”Therefore, in each of our hotel projects, we try to establish “Christine Borella continues.

• Where did he put it? The hook cannot be attached anywhere. It is difficult, for example, to place it on the glass wall of the shower cabin: at the slightest increase in steam, the hook runs the risk of falling off. It is best to place it on the wall or behind an open door, “Because the sliding version is not suitable, of course.”Christine Borella confirms.

• In small spaces? In a small area, the hook can instantly be used as a towel rack in the bathroom. It can also be found, along with the towel bar, on the side of the closet. Another scenario: “Bathrobes fold for storage under the sink and then hooks are released for bath towels.suggests Christine Borella.

• In what quantity? How many hooks should you put in the bathroom? “The ideal is at least two. “Three is perfect”select Christine and Nicola Borella.

• In which rooms other than the bathroom? The hook also has its role outside the bathroom. Christine Borella, for example, states in the room entry, “To hang a coat instead of throwing it on the bed or armchair.. The hook here saves space. On the other hand, an interior designer is less keen on hooks in the common areas of a hotel or at the entrance to a bar, due to the risk of theft of clothes and accessories that could be hung there. “If danger exists, it is best to provide a changing room“.

• Beware of theft?Today, unhooking coats is complicated.Christine Borella admits. Interior designer Emily roseThe founder of Eroz Agency adds: “Some systems are so strong that you can even hang a suitcase on them!

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