The latest chapter in the renovation of the Grand Hotel Kronenhof Pontresina • Hotel designs

The latest chapter in the renovation of the Grand Hotel Kronenhof Pontresina • Hotel designs

Grand Hotel Kronenhof recently unveiled a collection of newly designed guest rooms and suites, including its largest suite, the Kronenhof Suite. Renowned interior design firm Pierre-Yves Rochon (PYR), known for its award-winning work, was once again responsible for this ten-room project.

A gallery of square wall niches in front of a brown corner sofa and cream chair in a suite at the Swiss Grand Hotel Kronenhof

Photo source: Grand Hotel Kronenhof

PYR has been leading this redesign since 2016, with the goal of integrating established modernism into the existing historic surroundings. Starting with just 13 rooms and suites, the combination of classic elements with contemporary touches now creates an inviting and unique atmosphere.

In 2019, the design studio built Fumoir, renovating the Julier Salon and introducing new color harmonies: a black and white look complemented by dark gray and blue tones. In the third phase, which lasted until the end of 2020, the company redesigned 16 more rooms in a timeless style, introducing new geometric decorations that blend perfectly with the black and white color scheme.

A round table and chairs in the sunlit dining nook of the Grand Hotel Kronenhof's suite

Photo source: Grand Hotel Kronenhof

With the advent of summer 2021, the impressive lobby, fireplace room, Kronenhof bar and reception received new and elegant elements, preserving the original ceiling and its frescoes. In keeping with the location, different shades of blue have been used to coordinate the spaces and reflect the color of the Engadine sky at different times of the day – complemented by the building’s panoramic windows.

Today, strong blue and red tones dominate the Kronenhof bar along with the leather and velvet covers that line the walls and bar tables. The art throughout the hotel was carefully selected in collaboration with the Parisian Galerie Durst and Swiss artists in particular were invited to create exclusive pieces that add a touch of elegance and local flair to the Kronenhof’s luxurious atmosphere.

A view from floor-to-ceiling windows framed by cream curtains in a guest room overlooks the Swiss mountains

Photo source: Grand Hotel Kronenhof

From the spacious walk-in closets to the warm, inviting fabrics and colors, guest rooms and completed suites have been redesigned with residential sensibilities in mind. The larger suite is located on the fifth floor and has been converted into a two-bedroom apartment-like space. Sliding doors in the living room open to direct outdoor views, and the facade is now equipped with three French windows that allow sunlight to filter through. The modern redesign continues in the primary bedrooms with statement art pieces behind the bed, touches of gray in the contemporary furniture, and an industrial-style rug.

An abstract painting in soft blue and beige above the bed upholstered in natural tones and textiles over white linen

Photo source: Grand Hotel Kronenhof

The character of the Kronenhof has always been shaped by its location in the middle of a natural paradise, and PYR’s choice of soft materials enhances the overall sense of timeless living within the hotel. The result is an inviting and relaxing atmosphere that appeals to all the senses, providing guests with a true feel-good environment where they can relax and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings and carefully curated interior design. The company’s attention to detail and ability to infuse the spirit of the Engadine region into the hotel’s aesthetic makes Grand Hotel Kronenhof a truly exceptional destination for travelers seeking luxury and an authentic connection with nature.

Main image source: Grand Hotel Kronenhof

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