Photo by Paul Schott

STAMFORD — Pickleball America, which will be the largest indoor baseball center in the United States, is moving through the permitting process, and its operators expect to open the facility next week at Stamford Town Center.

Pickleball America, which will initially operate with 13 courts on the mall’s fourth floor, was originally scheduled to launch on July 10. But its opening was later postponed due to issues with a building permit application. On August 31, the permit was approved and issued, and Pickleball America now only needs a partial certificate of occupancy (PCO) to move forward with its opening.

“Building, HVAC and electrical inspections were conducted on September 12 and 14 for the fourth floor (of the mall) only,” Lauren Meyer, special assistant to Mayor Carolyn Simmons, said in an email Thursday. “It has passed the inspections, but there are still some documents pending as well as the zoning approval… They need to pass all the inspections in order to get a PCO.”
Pickleball America officials said they expect to receive the PCO within the next few days.

“We should be opening and having a ribbon cutting next week and then a grand opening celebration in October,” Mia Schibani, Pickleball America’s co-founder and co-marketing officer, said in an interview Thursday.

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